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vacation 3 weeks after 1st chemo is it wise?

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Hello everyone,

I hope this does not sound trivial.I have stage 4 uterine cancer-had complete hysterectomy-that is healing fine (had it on 5/27/11) - but doc found tiny spot on bowel and path showed one sample no cancer the other yes. Getting carbo-tax starting July 6th. Nurse said worst symptoms a few days later. Alread have script for nausea. I know everyone is different so no one has any way of even guessing how I will feel & for how long. I read the post that another lady had symptoms almost to her next chemo visit-is that unusual? and not the norm. I am hoping so bad I will be well enough to take my trip-have not had a vaca in years!! My next treatment is 7/28. I will get chemo once every 3 weeks for 6 sessions total.
I have set a mini vacaction to the shore July 24/25/26 - unless I am one of the unlucky ones who have severe symptoms from the get go- do you think I will be able to make my trip?
I know we have to remain positive - lets face it-you never know it could be my last chance.
Any input would be appreciated.
Bless you all, Thanks :)
One more thing- I already have pain with osteoarthritis in my back/hips/hands & knees. Does that make me more likely to have bone pain?-I already take pain meds for the osteo-so maybe that will already give me a layer of help?

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I am about to have my 6th chemo. tx (once every 4 weeks) with the same drugs you will have. I have zero issues with nausea. I do have quite strong joint pain in knees and hips that lasts about 7 to 10 days after treatment. I take Vicodin and Alleve for the pain. I have been told by the nurses that this joint pain can manifest other places in the body, but mine has been confined to these areas. What has been entirely unpredictable are the fatigue days. The fatigue doesn't necessarily hit the days right after treatment. I might have two or three days of fatigue a week or two after treatment. I can say that I've had more fatigue days as time has gone on and the drugs have built up in my system. This makes it REALLY hard to plan - I missed the family reunion two years in a row now due to the cancer treatments.

I wish you all the best!


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It's hard to get chemo and then immediately leave for vacation; and it can be hard to go on vacation at your nadir point exactly midway between treatments (because your blood counts are at their lowest and the fatigie is very real.) But to go on vacation just days BEFORE your next chemo is perfect. Your body will be recovered and you should feel great. HAVE FUN!

I've gone on a 9-day cruise while in active treatment between chemo infusions; and flown to the Dominican Republic between chemo infusions. I had a fabulous time both vacations, and felt great. I wish the same for you.

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