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not so good

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Husband and I went to ENT for the results of his biopsy last week. The doctor said " I don't have very good news" There is still cancer on his larynx. So my husband said So what do we do now? He said because my husband had a liver transplant and his immune system is so compromised that he probably would not be able for surgery to remove the cancer. They are going to set up a meeting this Friday morning with all the doctors to see where we go from here. So we need all the prayers from everyone here. Sue

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Jan Trinks
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You and hubby are in my prayers. Good luck.

Jan (Basketcase)

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Pam M
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I'm probably being simple-minded, but can docs recommend a way to build up his immune system, so that he'd be more likely to do better at surgery and recovery from surgery? As part of adjunctive therapy, I know that some folks change their diet, take nutritional supplements and/or adhere to an exercise regime to help support the immune system. Hoping the meeting Friday leaves you optomistic.

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you certainly have my prayers for the team of doctor's and the two of you.

Keep in mind there are options out there to get another opinion.


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Sue, I'm praying that God would give the doctors clarity and wisdom and that they will all work well together to help cure your husband. I pray also that the two of you have peace and patience during the days and weeks to come.

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I am adding you to the prayers...all the best to you and your hubby...keep the faith.
all the best

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Lifting your husband and you up in prayer.

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Glenna M
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Will be praying for you and your husband.

Stay strong,

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Putting you both into the prayer circle

Take care

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So sorry to hear the unfortunate news. Hope they come up with something positive on Friday. My thoughts are with you and your hubby. Cheers


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Coming your way, and for something to help with a successful treatment plan.


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Prayers and positve thoughts from my family to yours.


Seek a second and or third opinion.



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So sorry to hear of your bad news. I have heard that people who have transplants are prone to cancer. I don't know of any way to build up the immune system quickly so he can have surgery but hopefully the doctors will come up with a way to deal with the cancer. God bless and take care. Karen

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You mention his immune system being comromised - that is due to the fact that he must continue to take the immune-suppressing drugs that prevent the transplant rejection, yes? If so, then there's no dietary or rest issues that will help greatly with that (although, obviously, the better health he is in overall, the better off he will be).

Folks on immune suppresants do have surgery, but the issue of infection, especially involving surgery on airways, is a major one.

I don't remember your details - has he had radiation/chemo?

For what it's worth (I don't hold much sway with the PTB, I suspect) you also are in our prayers - may you hear some hopeful news on Friday.

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MY husband has had 33 rad treatments and 8 chemo treatments, the ENT said that since his immune system being so comromised that he is at high risk for removing his larynx because there is a high rick of him having a stroke. He said that his tumor must have been a large one close to his artery on his neck. See we were in Fl when all this started 8 months ago. We did all his treatments there. Came back home, with all the doctors reports and everything and set up a appt with the new ENT here in Mi. He did the biopsy and found out that there is still cancer on his larynx. So Friday morning we go to the board of doctors to see what they recommend to do next. We will see what they say and go from there. I told my husband we don't have to just listen to them we can get another opion if he wants. Thanks every one for your prayers! Sue

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Consider it done. Sending prayers your way.

Good luck!


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God's blessings travel by many different vessels. I too, will pray for your comfort and the wisdom of the doctor's.

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Thanks all of you for you prayers!!! All you people are the only ones I can talk to. Nobody else knows what it is to go through all of this! Sue

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You and your husband are in my prayers....God Bless and hang in there.

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I am sending my thoughts and prayers to you and your hubby. God Bless.

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I'm so sorry you guys have to be facing this tough situation but I'm praying and believing for you.

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I will be praying for you and your hubby..

Kent Cass
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You two are in mine.


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Praying for better news and healing Sue. Heart's out to you.


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