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sending good positive thoughts

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Hello. I've been away from the board a while and I just want to say that I hope and pray that God gives you the strength to continue the fight. Read, read, read and ask all the questions that need to be asked. my husband Ed was diagnosed with liver cancer Jan 2010 and we are still fighting this. changing nutrition to a more vegetable, grain and natural foods based eating has helped as well as having a strong and positive mindset. Please don't let the charts and stats keep you from fighting on. God Bless.

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Good to know that you and your hubs Ed are still fighting this dreadful disease. Especially after 17 mo. My hubs, Lee, has been given a dreary prognosis from his surgeon and oncologist. Even though they won't say he has "X" amount of time to live, they do emphasize the "seriousness" of his type of cancer, and that the chemo he is on, has limited results. And if this doesn't work, there is nothing else to be done. Dreary! But, it's so cheerful to have others on this network who still see the glass half full. Stats be darned, we will spend every day fighting this cancer buy also living as if we didn;t have it. God bless you two, too!

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I too believe in the cup half full but unfortunately my husband has always beleived in the cup half empty. He has been fighting this since October 2009. He has been on the transplant list only to be taken off in December. In the meantime they found more tumors and he had to have treatment for those. He just had a followup CT scan on Friday and we are waiting to hear if he will go back on the list. this has been such a terrible rollercoaster for us that I am hoping we will finally get some good news, pack our bags and head out to Kansas for his new liver and life!!!
Stay strong!!

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Stay positive and I will pray extra hard that your hubs will get his liver.

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Hi - I was so glad to see your post and glad that you are doing well with the diet. We too have made drastic dietary changes since the diagnosis and when you first posted about it I was so glad to see that we were not alone! We were told right after my husband's diagnosis to get off the meat, dairy and sugar. Now we are pretty much all organic and plant based foods with the exception of high omega 3 fish and seafood. He also takes a lot of vitamins, herbs and supplements. Staying positive is so important and it so hard sometimes. He was pulled off his clinical trial in May because was not working and he was having some undesirable side effects - that was a big disappointment. He was kept on the Nexavar at 400mg/day which is very tolerable. Our main concern is whether or not it is working at that dosage - from what I have read it is not very effective at 1/2 dose. We are new at this - as are many others, so we just dont know. He has a primary HCC and the way we found out about it was when the tumor ruptured a year ago. We are meeting with an Onc. tomorrow - a different one than we usually see and hope he has some ideas or a plan. We too, do not listen to the statistics and timelines. My mom was given 2 yrs in 1982 - we just had a nice dinner tonight and she looks great. I know that HCC is different than what she has, but we still refuse to give up and go quietly into the sunset. Keep up the good work on the diet and I wish you, and the others fighting this battle, all of the best.

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