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update on proton radiation for synovial sarcoma in the lung

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Hello gang! I just got back home from MD Anderson in Houston where I have been doing proton radiation treatments for the last seven weeks. I must say that it was worth all the time I spend away from home. I had treatments Monday through Friday and they lasted about 10 minutes each. I have synovial sarcoma in my right lung and after two surgeries I wanted more insurance that it wound not come back! As far as side effects, I had a little sore throat because the beam was hitting my esophagus and I have a red area on my back that does not bother me. The radiaiton in the form of proton beam is stronger than typical radiation with minimal to no side effects. This is great for the lung area where the target needs to be precise. I am now ready to get back to life! Just say no to sarcoma!
Kim Folmar

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Hi Kim,
My doctor has determined that he should remove my entire pleura. I have undergone two previous surgeries with another doctor to remove solitary fibrous tumors of the pleura. I am most curious about your experience and recovery. Specifically, how long were you laid up and have you returned to regular activity? I play tennis, do yoga, bike and hike. Will this be possible after a complete pleurectomy?

I am also very excited to read about proton radiation, as that has not been mentioned to date.
I look forward to your response.

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