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Tips for keeping weight up during chemo?

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My mom (46 yrs old) was diagnosed with stage 4 Gastricadenocarcinoma this past April. Right after Easter she had a total gastrectomy and a splenectomy. Thankfully we were told that there was no cancer found in any of the lymphnodes tested. She began her first round of chemo this week. She already has lost a lot of weight before and after the surgery, we just recently have been able to keep her at a stable number. Does anyone have any tips for keeping weight on? She does have a feeding tube that she uses when shes laying down but has been eating food for the past month or so. She's on her third day of chemo and I can tell she's already starting to feel pretty sick from it, just wanted to know if anyone had any tips. She can't stay on the feeding tube for too long as she starts to feel the effects of "dumping syndrome".


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My dad has a major sweet tooth....So the doctors said milkshakes are a great way to add high calories..and also in health food stores they sell a powder for wieghtlifters and such.. a body bulking formula...has no taste just add a scoop or two, into milkshakes if she likes them or milk ect. can even be added to ensure... I hope they have her on ensure or something like that for added nutrition.

This worked for awhile for my dad but now he is where he can't eat or drink at all by mouth only by feeding tube.

I hope this helps let me know...

that body bulk can even be added to yogurt, pudding, anything like that...


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You can blend with berries or bananas or strawberries.

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can you please tell me the name of this powder.

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I know whey protein is what the body builders use. I have been trying to find things that work for my mother who recently lost her stomach. There are a lot of types of specific whey protein that you can use, some are specific for meal supplements, but if you go to your local coop or GNC they can give you specifics as far as what you need.

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