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Products for Vaginal Dryness & Increase Elasticity

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What do others use for vaginal dryness and to help keep that area flexible? I've had the hysterectomy and pelvic radiation which put lots of havoc on this area and find I'm so tight and dry. Intercourse is always challenging and can be painful. I am a bit smaller and my husband is large, so I'm looking for guidance as know I shouldn't have to feel pain.

My cancer is hormone receptive so I definitely want to avoid any creams with hormones. Seems like the top of the list are: KY, Replens and Astroglide... Also, on my research found some interesting information on just using a vitamin E capsule, break the capsule and insert the vitamin liquid in the vagina. Do this daily for 4 weeks and decrease to 1-2 times per week. Almost like putting cream on our dry hands, which gives it more elasticity.

Do you use a different cream with the dilator vs. intercourse?

My radiation oncologist has me using the dilator and told me yes over time our vaginal area can stretch a bit more and thinking with some nice vitamin E to make it moist, this would help.

Any help would be appreciated.


Lisa 00
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I use coconut oil for extra 'comfort'. It is solid at room temperature so you have to warm it up to liquid. Fill a small jar like a baby food jar, warm it under running hot water for a minute or two. Draw up about 1mm in a vaginal syringe (available on the internet, just google 'vaginal syringe'). Lie down and dispense at the top of the va-jay-jay.
I found the lubricants to not be very long lasting. I used the coconut oil about every other day, some use it every day.
Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the great idea! Never heard of this before, knowing it's not the best for cooking but has lots of others uses....this being one of them.

I'll look for the vaginal syringe....possibly in my local Walgreens. I'm going with the vitamin E daily as have it liquid in a jar, ready to use. I'm hoping just moistening the area will make it more elastic, as now it's very tight.

Also giving the Astroglide a try as many from prior postings suggest this for use during intercourse & with dilator. Watch out I'll probably be sliding out of bed with all the oils...hee hee!

Great help...

hopeful girl 1
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I use KY Sensitive Jelly, and it helps.
Also the best thing....it has no parabens.

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I have a very good friend who uses a product called Intivar, she used to use it as a normal lubricant for sex and now she has the same issues as you and she swears by it. its not as cheap as KY Jelly or just a vitamin E capsule but she says it does the job for her.

I would try the Vitamin E capsule as thats nice and simple and we all know that vitamin is great for the skin anyway. if that doesnt do enough try to get some intivar, they ship all over the world and have a guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

http://www.curevaginaldryness.co.uk but there are plenty of sites that sell it.

God Bless

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Please be careful about what is used as lubricant as your vaginal tissues are very thin if you have had brachytherapy. The vagina has a certain ph range and you don't want to use anything which could upset that. Astroglide or plain KY jelly work well.

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I've purchased Astroglide and using Vitamin E. See how that helps. Possibly the tightness is caused by dryness and these moisturing products will help open me up a bit more.

I'm hesitant on any which are unknown, so I'll stick with the 2 I've got now.

Appreciate the thoughts,

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