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Skin Breakdown..Feeding Tube

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Hello all,
Looking for any tips anyone can give us, hubby has a PEG Tube, the bumper is stiched to his stomach as well as the tubing is also stiched. We are having some big time issues with skin breakdown around the bumper (peg), I try to keep the area clean as we do have some leakage, i have tried to coat the area with Desetin,Calomseptine,,etc. to no avail, it justs keep getting very raw. Could anyone please give us any tips. Another chapter in our quest to beat the beast. We love you all.


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If you do not get answers here, try the Head and Neck board on CSN. That is a great group, and there is lots of experience with the PEG tubes.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply .


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just hope you get some help.


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to refer you to a wound nurse. They are very good at helping you manage these types of problems. Good luck!


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When having my ileostomy my skin would break down too. There are ostomy supplies that address this very issue. Hollister made a powder like substance to put on the raw skin. You might want to visit their site and then ask you doctor to prescribe this powder. It worked awesome and would start working within a day.


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