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stage 4

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My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that in just a few short months has spread to chest cavity wall, other lung, throat, armpit, ribs, spine, and upper leg. The doctors say the only thing they can do is chemo. I want to know if anyone out there knows someone that has had this advanced or aggresive behavior. Also this showed up just a few months prior and prior to that everyhing was normal. Would love to hear from other people to know what I should expect! Thanks.

Posts: 2
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Please someone give me some thoughts on this!

sleepless in jersey
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Im sorry your going through this...
My Mom has NSCLC stage 4 lung,brain,spine & pelvis. She had surg. to remove the tumor in the brain than it was WBR and chemo from there.
I suggest to get a 2nd opinion, we did and our Onc. was very comfortable with that so we went to Sloan and got an appointment in 3 days crazy, but it was alot of work to get everything quickly before they would see Mom. Also to get the gene mutation test done as well to see if your positive to any of the trial drugs etc...
Were all here for you, Lots of prayers your way!

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