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Feeling Grateful

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I am 3 1/2 years out from my Stage 4 diagnosis. Today I had my 6 month interval CT scan,cea,and last visit with my wonderful oncologist(he is retiring from clinic practice to concentrate on his research. He is the chair of the breast and bowel cancer project among other accolades, I will miss him!) I am feeling very grateful...I have had excellent care and my scans were clear!! Please continue to have hope!

Just a note on CEA as well....boy can this drive us crazy! My cea was not a good indicator for me as it was normal at diagnosis 3.5(5.0 is my lab cutoff smoker or nonsmoker)

They still continued to monitor it however...this is what it has looked like

1.7 11/2008
6.1 Started freaking a bit here
3.7 today
All of these values except the first were after treatment had ended. I tell you all this because we all look closely and with much concern at those numbers (me included)and they can really change for reasons unknown and without evidence of disease. It is not an absolute although very relaible in some people.

Hang in there and hang on to that hope. I never thought I would get to see my daughters age 3 1/2 more years. I am truly blessed. Today is a good day.


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Dawn I am so happy you posted these

me too....stage 4...just hanging on the cea's drive me nutty

I am so glad to see how much someone else varies.....i freak above 4....

so many hugs and congrats on your continued ned....I think it is important to take time and show there is hope.....well done....great blessings

thank you sooo much


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So glad to hear that you are hanging on as well. You have been through a lot and give hope and inspiration as well! It is what I looked for when I was diagnosed and want to pass it along to others!

Blessings to you as well.....I love that picture of you in your "little happy place you have :)


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Hey, Dawn.

I'm so glad you're still doing so well! That's great news!


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Thank you Gail. Hope all is great with you too!


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Dear Dawn,

I'm so happy to see your post and you really do give me hope.

Thanks again!

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Your Mum is very lucky to have you as her daughter! I hope that she is doing okay.Please feel free to share my story with her......there is hope!


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thank you for so much hope you have just given me.i just finished my 7th chemo treatment,i was dx stage 4 in janurary.i feel i have got such a long road ahead of me.with you being 3 years out of treatments and NED really gives me hope.i cant rely on my cea numbers because they are not good markers for me...Godbless...johnnybegood.

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It's been awhile.....

Things sound very good for you...so many folks looking a nail to hang their hat on to keep them going...so thanks for posting.

You carry on and I'll catch you on the flip-flop:)


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cea fluctuations as well!
Thank you Dawn!

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Hi Dawn,

I am so happy to hear your AMAZING news! Thank you for sharing it with all of us as you know how much we need to hear the positive stories to keep our battles going and hope alive. You have been such an inspiration to me in every way. Your strong faith in our Lord gives you the strength and peace to deal with this disease. I am extremely happy that you remain cancer-free and can enjoy many, many, many more years with your precious daughters and husband. You are always in my prayers and my heart. Thank you for all your support and love...it keeps me going.


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brings a new day and with it great news as well....may all of your days begin with something wonderful as this news.......love to ya.......buzz

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Thanks for sharing, there is nothing better than reading positive posts.
I am sending prayers your way for continued good health.

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Thanks you for such hope !!!! My Husband is stage 3a and now going through post surgical chemo.

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Thank you for posting such a hope filled post. It is great to share in your wonderful news!


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Great news Dawn and thanks for sharing it.

Hope you are having an awesome weekend celebrating with those great 2 girls (oops young women) of yours!

Please know that I will toast to you and your continued success this evening.

Love, Lisa P.

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