stage 4 lung cancer

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On 5/27/11 I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, I was told that they could remove part of the lung and with chemo I would be fine. After I visit to my oncologist I was given the news that it spread to my lymph nodes and that they would not be able to operate. I was devestated, i was not expecting to hear that. I go for my pet scan sometime this week and I am hoping to start chemo real soon. I have my goood days and bad, I cry alot which makes me mad because i am afraid it will break me down. I am looking for someone to talk to and share their exp. with me. I have a relay for life team and I am sooo use to being on the other side of the fence. They are all pulling for me but I am scared. Thank you for letting me talk and thank you for listening.


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    I am a bc survivor, I have been where you're at and would like to encourage you. I like your analogy of being on the other side of the fence. And thats is exactly where we are, and that will become part of who we are as survivors. But it's a long road, and there isn't any choice but to walk it. With time, it becomes part of who you are and being able to use that strength as a fighter and survivor, to help others in our lives can be very powerfull! God bless you in this journey and keep you safe! Lovingly, Alison