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What facility are you using to treat your colon cancer

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Just checking to see where you are receiving your treatment and if you're please with it. I here that MD Anderson in Houston is the best.

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I did it at home, using imported medicinal strength Chinese herbs
back in 2006; I am happy with the results!

Best of health,


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I was treated at a local moderate sized hospital, 20 minutes drive from me, on the outskirts of Kailua, Hawaii, called Castle Medical Center. I was entirely satisfied with the treatment I got (and my rectal cancer was a pretty run-of-the-mill case). From what I hear, MD Anderson is very, very good.


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I get my treatments at San Diego Cancer Center, now officially merged with UCSD. I also have consulted with Dr. Lenz at Norris Cancer Center at USC in L.A. a couple of times. I respect Dr. Lenz's opinion very much. I have had surgery and consulted with surgeons and an oncologist at UCSD/Moores Cancer Center in San Diego.


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St. Francis Cancer Center - Hartford, CT
Memorial Sloan Kettering - NYC
UCONN Cancer Center - Farmington, CT
Moores Cancer Center - LaJolla, CA

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team of docs at browns cancer center in louisville,ky...Godbless...johnnybegood

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been treated at Princeton Baptist in Birmingham, AL a 50 mile cruise from the house, and at Brookwood Cancer Center, also in Bham, for his cyberknife, also about 50 miles. Been very pleased with both!

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90% at Sloan Kettering in NYC, 10% at Hackensack Medical Center in NJ following my Oncologist's (at SK) directions.
Extremely happy with both.

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Mayo clinic for 8 months now (my husband) so far so good!!

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Although we live very close to the University of Michigan, George is being treated out of Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn, Michigan. After meeting with the board certified colorectal surgeon and oncologist upon diagnosis, George liked the team, and went with them and has not looked back. All his physicians are out of Oakwood. Through their computer system, when George has something done, it is linked to every doctor's office file for George. We feel the right hand knows what the left hand is doing, well, most of the time. Every doctor has been honest, informative and detail oriented.

I read where people do not know about side effects and such and it boggles my mind, we were told all of this up front. Even with the first treatment, not only the doctor and his PA going over everything, the oncology nurse also sat down when the first drip started and explained all.

Some of our team also have privileges at the University of Michigan and Karmanos Cancer Institute and will promptly make a referral if you so desire even getting the records over.

Take care all - Tina

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my resection and 2 follow up surgeries were at Mayo in Rochester, MN
love love love love Mayo
then did a consult there with oncologist
many people I guess just get the consult and take information home with them for care
that is what I did- oncologist very positive that stage 3B treatment would be handled the exact same way throughout the world, pretty standard chemo- he encouraged me to stay close to home- Mayo is 1.5 hours south of me
and I did- worked with a clinic less than a mile from my home- and VERY happy with them and the care
Very glad I stayed close to home- I was hospitalized 3 times during treatment and at one point was going in daily for hydration. It so meant a lot to have a relationship with the clinic, in my own community.

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I just started with MD Anderson-I have been twice and love the doctors, staff, and facility. It is a great place! Let me know if you have any questions.

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Started my oncology at my hometown. Left and took my oncology care at Vanderbilt as well. MD I think is rated #1 and Vandy is 14th, but I think its all in what you feel the most possible confidence in, no matter where it is........buzz

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I started at the University Of Penn and now Moffett Cancer Center,(florida)
Highly recommend both.
good luck, judy

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I started at the local hospital/storm door company here and then hauled a$$ to Penn. They were great during my month's stay and my onc is great. I'm still here and feel great, so no complaints :-)

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"I started at the local hospital/storm door company here and then hauled a$$ to Penn."

Thanks for the laugh, man! We need more of that here!

Stay well.


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I'm going through the Josephine Ford Cancer Center at Henry Ford Hospital in West Bloomfield, MI, however they have more than this one. Have been very pleased with my team of doctors and all their facilities.


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Providence cancer center in everett WA

Have to go back every three months for tests

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Stanford did my surgery. I loved them! 4 hours from my hometown.....


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Thanks for all the responses. I am hoping that my mother is getting the best treatment where she is. All of you guys are super and I pray every night for everyone on this site. You guys are a lot stronger than me.

She started her first treatment of Erbitux Thursday. Please keep her in your prayers that it will work.

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