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Drug released

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Chemo starts at 7:30 am tomorrow. They have me scheduled for 7 hours. I got the call this morning that the doctors didn't want to wait to start till monday.

So we're back at hope lodge this evening. Computer is very iffy right now so I don't know how much I'll be able to keep in touch.

Hope everyone is doing well and all is good in the world. I'm scared...didn't get time to "prepare" myself you know??

Take care and I'll try to keep you all updated!


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We will all be there with you for that 7 hours. I know you will do just fine. I know you keep wondering when will all this stuff end. It seems like it is on going forever. John

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Oh Beth,
I know you are frightened but I really think you will be fine. You are a strong woman and your age is on your side. Just think positive that you Will be cured. Maybe it's better not to have had the extra days to worry. I will pray for you tonight and I will pray tomorrow. You are a blessing to so many people on this site. Stay strong and know how much everyone is thinking and praying for you. Hope your husband can stay with you. A big hug Beth. Keep us informed. Love Joanie

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Hi Beth, Try to get some sleep! hopefully you will get some pre-meds that will make you sleepy and can zonk out during some of those 7 hours! I agree it is better that you didn't have to wait the whole weekend and ruin a beautiful Sunday worrying about a dreaded Monday.
Keep us posted!
p.s. I am having a colonoscopy tomorrow morning! since your not 50 yet, you have no idea how much this is too! ;)

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Hi Janelle,
Good luck with your colonoscopy. I've got a couple of more years before my PCP will be asking me to get another one. I've had 2 since I turned 50. I think his rule of thumb is every 3 to 5 years, but my doc has always been overly cautious with me. I've been going to him for 24 years, and trust his judgement completely. Anyways...I'll keep you in my prayers friend. Much love....Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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I may not be 50 yet, but I have 2 colonoscopies so far and don't want any more any time soon! They are the pits.

I hope your last night wasn't too bad, I really do feel for you!!

Take care,

miss maggie
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Dear Beth,

I will be with you along the way to a much better DX in the future. I agree,
at least you have the weekend, either to recover, or enjoy. I hope it's to

Janelle, good luck with your colonoscopy. I had one in June 2010, and scheduled
for another in Sept 2011. I hate, hate, hate it. Just the thought makes me nausious.
We have to do what we need to do to keep on top of things, rather than letting it go
to something more serious.

Hmmm, just spoke with someone the other day. A gentlemen who also gets colonoscopies
yearly. Thed last one he had last month he did not have to drink anything, just take
a pill. Anyone know anything about this?

Thinking of you both. Love and hugs Maggie

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Hi Beth,
Try to think of this as one step closer to the finish line. Four days can drag by so slowly...now you only have a few hours to wait instead of waiting for Monday to come. My good thoughts and prayers are with you...all will be well...hang in there! Love...Sue

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I will offer extra prayers for you, starting tonight. You are a strong and intelligent woman. From my perspective, you have a wonderful way of listening and taking cues from your body, that trait alone can be a life saver. Continue to think positive thoughts, fill yourself up with them so that there won't be any space left for a negative thought to jump in your mindset and multiply.

Did you get the room that you wanted? Is your sister still with you? I started a new book yesterday, "The Help", it's a light read, with some characters that bring smiles to my face. If you need a pleasant mental break, that's the book to get

I wish that one of us was in close enough proximity that would allow us to make sure that you got a very thoughtful and strong hug from "us" at least every other day. Eat, drink, be cheerful in spirit, be mindful of what your body's trying to tell you, have gentle, restful, refreshing sleep. Know that you are not alone in spirit, I'm here as well as the rest of the crew. You are handling this whole experience with much grace, I am very proud of you. I think that I would be having some periods of multiple melt-downs, just trying to pull myself out of the edge of huge pity-party pit. Sweetie, hang in there. Anytime, day or night, you will be able to get one of us online and we can talk you down from jumping out the window! I'm going to be so extra proud of you once this process is totally completed! You're getting there Chickie!


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Kellie, I've read The Help and would recommend it too! Janelle

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Beth I will be thinking of you and keep you in my prayers that you will go through this good.
I wish you the best.

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Prayers coming your way! look at it this way, the faster you start the quicker your all done!

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