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Diagnosed today

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Am 49 years old. Went in for my routine baseline colonoscopy before the magical age of 50. Doc came out and said he didn't like something. Sent me for bloodwork and a CT scan (which I had a major allergic reaction to). Got the results tonight. I have cancer. This is oddly scary and empowering at the same time. The polyps he pulled out of me were benign. The CT scan showed no other infiltration. It was just this one little area. Next step: surgery. As far as I'm concerned, go for it. Now that I know, let's deal with it. I spent the entire Memorial Day weekend stressing over colon cancer. Now I know I have it. Now it's being taking care of. But I'm still scared.

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Everything is going to be fine,relax, concentrate on yourself and fight as lion!.under this conditions battle is won !
Pepe Barcelona!

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So sorry of your diagnosis, but it sounds like the CT scan shows that you are otherwise located to that one area. Great news for you. Most here have had the surgery so ask away with the questions. Welcome to the board, we are a bunch of people, great to say the least, that will help you through this journey. It's ok to be scared, it's normal and we have all been there. Let us know when surgery is.


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Those three words can be very scarey coming from your doctor. But please remember that cancer is not always a death sentence....it's a battle that you will win and live a long time to help others who went through the same as you. Many people will tell you it's your positive attitude that will get you through this. Stay strong and fight like you never fought before....you have so much to live for. And it sound like to me they caught it early. Keep us posted.

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I know you're scared. We've all been there! Sounds like you might be as fortunate as I was in being diagnosed very early. Please keep us posted.


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Its a terribly frightening thing to hear. They told me on the phone.
I was diagnosed end of last august. Its sounds like they found it right in the beginning and thats good news for you.
The people on here are so smart, they research everything. you ask the questions and they will help.
Go into this surgery knowing that you are going to beat this cancer. Keep us posted. Prayers to you
Betty Jo, in Penna

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Hi BettyJoM, just read about your dx, very much the same as my husband, his tumor was also in the cecum, he was dx Aug 2010, operated on Aug 26th, 18 cm of ascending colon removed, 6mths of chemo followed. He had a clear scan april, has a colonsocopy 9th June, and another ct in June, very worried, hoping it will be all ok. His cancer was a 3c. Love to hear how you are getting on. Belinda.

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