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This is the shirt I had made when we were going to do a Colorectal calander.... I had the month of May...Memorial Day. I wore this shirt to chemo today to pay tribute to my friends. Please feel free to post YOUR tributes.. Love to all the Semi's!

In my heart always..... DONNA...ERIC...KIMBY....FRANK....JR....KERRY


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SHERI. May them rest in peace.

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Erica Gough Paul, age 29, died March, 2011, after a 3 year battle. Erica was extremely active in colon cancer research and funding calling on congressmen, senators and the like. She also did public service announcements in the Washington, DC area regarding colon cancer and screening. Erica married during her 3 year battle, her husband Michael was by her side through everything.


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Clinard (CB) Hinson, age 58, my husband, died May 31, 2010....RIP Love

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Pam (Al's wife)
Brenda 3_16
Feniks (Alex)'s wife
Amcp (Anna)'s husband Frank
John Tinker
Devasted's hubby
melo72's mom
abbey712's dad
Louann Carper
Papajedi (Robert Ray)

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You have a great list. Was going to mention Peter and Amcp's husband also. Thanks for remebering them all everyone.


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Thanks Jennie, for posting this. I got it going last year at this time, but honestly, I forgot about doing so this year- so glad you picked it up!
I was going to mention Brenda as well, but see she was mentioned.
Always so sad to see the list and remember- but I think it's also important to do so.


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nice post jennie,
i am also a little sad today.
it my aunty val birthday today.
she died of lung cancer nov2010.

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I also have a little list, unfortunately it is mostly in the family, all of cancer different types, and a few friends.
All were loved and battled until the end. I miss you all.

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I just wanted to mention a few more that came to mind.....

Hank (Ktlcs/Kathy)
David (pf78248/Priscilla)
Hatshepsut Husband
John (JohnSFO/Adrian)
ittap (Patti)
Angel (Michelle)



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Eric has been on my heart a lot lately. Miss him!


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and some so very young :( I'm sorry for all of the losses. My list would only be family, and there are way too many of them.

May they all rest in peace--finally.

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Paula G.'s husband JR (John), passed away at home on 12/31/10 with Paula by his side and with him every step of the way.


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Elsie, my mom, pancreatic cancer
Leo, my husband, lung cancer

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Let's not forget about Donna (Shayenne), wife and mother of 4....and a dear friend:)
Miss you, Chicky.

Donna's Lion

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I will remember her pretty avatar picture forever & her bubbly personality that came through every time she would write her encouraging words.

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I dont think anyone could ever forget Donna, I think of her almost everyday, and she passed away on my birthday, so this year I will celebrate to lives on Aug 24th, hers and mine. I still have her number in my phone, and I just cant bring myself to delete it. I miss her so much, it still brings me to tears...


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Jennie (Idlehunter) and others ...thanks for remembering my husband Frank who died as I sat beside his bed holding his hand on November 15, 2010. I too remember him along with some very special people...DONNA..ERIC...ANGEL..OTHERS..also friends locally that were in Frank's chemo circle...MARK..TERRI...
So many have fought so hard and given so much to not only try to survive but also helped to futher the fight in participating in clinical trials.
Each will always be missed and will never be forgotten for each left us with such wonderful memories. To all those still fighting ...I pray that you will soon win your victory over this monster!! Thanks again...Frank's wife

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angel and all the others may they all rest in peace.


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Angel lives on in all us bike riders and all of us here...everytime I see a bike go by or get on mine, I think of Angel..always will...


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Mine are from over the years and I am sure I have left off many names.

kkloop's Mom
Oneagleswing's Peter
Xena Warrior (Wanda)
Dr. Jana Miller
Kerry Morton
Andrea Elder
Nanuk (Bud)
Dixon Gayer
Debrella (Debra)
Valerie C's Mom
Dee and Howard's Mom
Rodney Thornton
Limey (Mark Gregory)
My Dad
My best friend growing up Janice Ballard

Dammit, that is just too many friends and it makes me really sad.

But it is still a nice post Jennie!!!! Geez, the tears are flowing, signing off.

Lisa P.

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Hank Stenger

I will love and miss him forever


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My beloved husband, John....
Dx'd May 2009 - Died October 2010

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Thank you Jennie! I'm having a hard time being happy about finishing chemo. I only joined this site in October and was just getting to know Kerry. ......it was hard...I had no idea what was in his future. At that time I was still very new and naive.......My brother is in his second year of glioblastoma and had poor outcome from surgery, chemo, and radiation. ( total left side paralysis, memory and thought process issues, and soo much more)....and my cousin was diagnosed in March with kidney (I think was origin?) now mets may live a couple of weeks or a month...How can I be happy for myself....it brings on so much guilt.

Happy for the fighters, Gail

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You can be happy for yourself, Gail. If it was the other way around, you would want them to be.

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Bettie, Mother, 01/26/2011
Pamela, Wife, 03/03/2011

Rest in peace my two lovely ladies.

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my husband. Passed 10/1/05.

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of my wonderful father, Frank E.
October 7, 1924 - March 25, 2011

Leukemia ended up taking his life rather quickly, just four days following surgery for my colon cancer! I was not able to even attend his funeral (we were in different states).We didn't even know he had cancer. The doctor said he'd likely had it for awhile, but was in remission when suddenly it took a deadly turn. He only was in hospice care for maybe 12 hours. . .

But while grieving for him and feeling badly about not having to been able to attend his funeral, I could almost "hear" my father say, "Yeah, I know how you feel. I wasn't able to go either!"

Although I am sad and miss him dearly I am at peace knowing he is with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And I will see him again one day.

Can't wait to see you again, Dad--(only when it's my time though ;-) ).

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of my wonderful Aunt Mary (my father's oldest sister) who died of colon cancer after a year's struggle on May 8, 2011 (Mother's Day). She was 90 years young.

Aunt Mary is responsible for much of my family coming to faith in Jesus Christ. She was a dear woman who would have done anything for anyone.

Am looking forward to seeing you again one day too, Aunt Mary! Keep Dad in line--love you both and also say "hello" to Aunt Ruth for me too! :)

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Thank you all for remembering my precious David. It's been 8 1/2 months and the hurt is still so intense. One year ago this weekend I brought David back to M.D, Anderson after liver resection in March 2010 because he appeared to me to be in liver failure. He was admitted and my fears were confirmed a few weeks later.

Today I am back at M.D. Anderson with David's dear Mother Marie. She has been diagnosed with probable ovarian cancer. Its like the roller coaster never stops. Oh, I hate cancer. But one day I do believe there will be a cure. Or prevention, which is even better.

Never, ever give up! this board is THE BEST! I love you guys!

Hugs and Healing,

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I am so sorry for your loss, Priscilla. My husband's name is also David (goes by "Dave").

My father just passed from cancer March 25, my aunt from cancer May 8 and my father-in-law has just been diagnosed with colon cancer--so I understand about the roller coaster! Prior to that, another aunt of mine died in February (NOT of cancer for once!).

My mother (age 88) is a breast cancer SURVIVOR. Had that in her mid to late 70s and has been CANCER FREE so it IS possible!

I pray all goes well for your mother-in-law. I hate cancer, too!

Hugs and blessings,

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Brant - melissas husband. Will's dad

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I miss her so much it hurts my bones to think about her. DX Nov. 2007 Died 08-29-10. It's not easy. She was my best friend. I wish she was here to see my daughter grow up, she would have thought she is hilarious.

Alright, now time for a distraction so I don't get depressed.

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My father-in-law Rob Krause, who was not only family, but also a friend, and a cherished co-worker, who lost the fight May of 2007.

And also to another friend and co-worker, Taylor Hunt, who lost the fight March of 2009.

I STILL miss you both, and I will every day until we're reunited at our Fathers table.

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what a wonderful thread....

I thank you so much for starting this....

I was thinking about Donna today....and I thought how would anyone new ever know how wonderful she was.....when she started here she was shy and frightened by her cancer but very quickly Donna bloomed into the queen.....she answered everyone.....she had joy and love for everyone. Donna never forgot a fact about any minor thing in your life.. she always remembered everyone..she never complained....she was one in a million....

and Kimby and Mary....those two quiet caring wonderful women...I feel so humble when I think about them all....oh crap....I surely loved them all


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A very tragic loss was Sophie's (sharpie's) mum. It was a story that was very affecting since they were in another country, and Sophie was so young and basically all alone taking care of her dying Mother. When her Mother passed, it orphaned Sophie. She had a difficult time adjusting; with her only real support being us, here on the board. She is a strong, inspirational young lady whom i admire.

Mark (limey) who Lisa already mentioned was an inspiration to me, as well, and i'll always feel his loss, and absence on this board.

Donna, always...miss her tons.

Hugs all!

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Pat Kapper.........

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Thank you for remembering Brant. I appreciate it. It seems there are a lot of us who have lost our spouse who still come to this board. That says a lot about this little community. Perhaps we don't post often, but I still come to root on those who helped me so much during Brant's battle.

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I hope you saw my post in May about our Relay Talent Show. I sang a song called "Untitled (Come to Jesus)" and dedicated it to our semi-colon members who have passed away. I said something about each one I mentioned. I don't remember exactly what I said, but it was something to the effect of him being "a brilliant doctor, beloved husband and father, beloved by friends on both coasts." I also mentioned the fact that he had a wicked sense of humor even in the face of a situation that he must have known right from the start was devastating.

I never really knew him, but I think of him so often. Such a loss...

Praying you and Will are doing well.


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butterfly23, angel wings instead of butterfly wings now

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WOW, we have shared, cried, laughed so much with so many from all over the world here in CSN. We are a family, and we have lost many, but there are survivors too, one day we all will beat this nasty nasty thing...

You are all in my prayers!!


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