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God I am getting tired of being in Tornado watches. At least here in Hope Lodge if it becomes a warning the gal that's working the desk will come get everyone and have us go to the Theater Room to take cover.

Too many folks have died in the last few days.

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Hi Beth,

It is so sad and very scary. I have been watching CNN and feel so sad for all the loss. Please stay safe and try to rest.

Thinking of you

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I know what you mean by the tornadoes. Hurricane season starts soon and I can't imagine what that is going to be like. They are already predicting some bad ones. Makes you wonder what is going on.In the past couple of years its been nothing but disaster.It all ends up in fire of some sort. Earthquakes,floods,droughts,explosions,fires,tornadoes,hurricanes,tsunamis,etc,etc. Even had tornadoes as far north as the Maryland/Pennsylvania mountains and thats unheard of. I don't know where it will end or if it will or not. I do know what it says in the Bible about the end will be by fire and destruction.Its getting more and more scary out there people. Then again,maybe the President has a plan.Just had to throw that in there. John(FNHL-1-4A-5/10)

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No call from my # to the Pres for help:)

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I have been seeing the awful devistation in the paper. I feel so awful and sad for all the people who have lost loved ones and everything they own. Hurricane season is coming up for us but at least we have warning. Stay safe Beth.

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Makes you wonder if "someone" is trying to tell us all to get our act together..(world wide). The weather here is in the low 50's with wind and rain...not exactly what we were hoping for while on vacation, but....when I look at whats going on in other parts of the country I realize how fortunate we are, in comparison. My heart just hurts for those that have lost everything including precious family members. For those of you living where this is happening, my prayers are with you. Please stay safe! Love..Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)

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Things are really getting out of control in this old world.Stay safe all!God bless,Michele Dx95 FNHL3

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weve had terrible storms here in michigan for days and so much flooding.weve already had 13+ inches of rain this month and theyre calling for a few more days of rain.

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