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had my first tace procedure on th 19

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dont feel to bad but a lot of pain in my right side when breathe or put pressure on it.and while being discharged a doctors practitinoer looked at my ct scan an seemed a bit supprised he said it was an aggressivec treatment

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I've had two TACE procedures, both with the same side affect as yours. It subsided about 48 hours after onset. I also had a fever of about 102, and became abnormally tired after about two weeks, probably because that's about when the chemo drug began to dissipate into my system. I am undergoing systemic chemo for cholangiocarcinoma and for numerous liver lesions as well as TACE. The TACE has been the most successful, the systemic has kept my lesions under control. I requested a stronger pain medication than was initially given to me, perhaps your doctor can do the same for you.

Best wishes for a successful procedure!

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what is the TACE treatment I just had chemoembolization on liver tumor last week; pain and fatigue will have radiation on lesion on rib next


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TACE stands for Transcatheter Arterial Chemoembolization, and is synonymous with chemoembolization. TAE is embolization that is done without the chemo drugs and is synonymous with bland embolization.

Hope this helps, and I hope your procedures are successful!

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I was diagnosed with 4 tumors that added pass the acceptable size for transplantation, but used a large dose of this treatment and within a month I received a transplant (over 2 years ago), I am doing well and I survived this deadly episode.

I highly recommend this treatment to be followed with a listing in the Transplant List; I was a patient at the Methodist Hospital in Houston, TX and I have a very functional healthy life today. Is worth the pain and side effects of this treatment, it was very successful for me.

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Hi Manny,
Thank you for sharing your experience and what a blessing! I am reaching out to you because my Father has tumors that recently spread and will be meeting with a doctor Wednesday to discuss the TACE procedure.
Do you mind sharing what Dr. You worked with at Methodist?

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