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Upper left lobe and spot on brain

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Has anyone here dealt with a spot on the upper left lobe? The spot on my husband's lung is about 2 cm; located in the upper left lobe. He also has a small spot on the brain. I have been told the left lobe is trickier than the right. For now, I am just going on stories until the doctor tells him the plan. He sees the onc today; I'm hoping to find out something; he hasn't even been told what stage this is. Can someone tell me if I am right in assuming this is stage IV since it has spread to his brain? He is incarcerated and my waiting period is longer than the norm since I can't go to the doctor with him.

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As easy as it is for me to say I know its a ton harder for you but you must try really really hard to not jump to conclusions here..don't listen to other peoples stories (with the exception of this site)..until there is a biopsy and possible surgery with a pathology report you cannot be sure what's going on here...your anxiety is probably the result of getting this information second hand because your husband is incarcerated...is is possible for your husband to sign a release of information with your name on it so you can speak to the doctor's yourself? If you have looked at this site for any length of time you will see all sorts of examples of people beating the odds..we always think of death when we get the cancer diagnosis but it's not always a death sentence...hang in there.

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Thank you for your words of encouragement. The biopsy has already been performed on the lung. The only thing said about it was that it is cancer. Then, the spot was found on his brain. I am staying positive and objective. I have to; for his sake and mine. As grim as it may sound, I always want to know ALL posibilities so I can hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I don't like surprises. At least if I know all posibilities I am not blinded. I am not in good health myself; I have fibromyalgia. He has already stated perhaps he shouldn't have told me because he doesn't want his news to have an effect on my health. I don't think he will sign a release for me. That's the killer part of all this for me. I want him to allow me to know everything.

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My mom is in almost the same boat. She has non small cell lung cancer with metastases to the brain. Hers is in the left lung though with a small tumor in her brain. She has had stereotactic radiosurgery and it has shrunk that tumor by almost half. We will find out if the lung tumor has shrunk any tomorrow. She will start her second round of chemo tomorrow as well. So there is hope out there and just keep the faith and don't forget to breath!!!


p.s. this is a great site to get info and to just plain vent!!! Good luck!!

PBJ Austin
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I cannot begin to tell you how much this board helped me when my sister was diagnosed with brain cancer. We are always here if you just need someone to lend an ear. Or in this case, we will lend an eye. :-)

Good luck.

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