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6 vs 12 treatments Folfox 5FU Oxal

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Hello everyone,
I was diagnosed in Jan with 3b, had surical resection and am only scheduled 6 treatments, part of clinical trial, anyone else involved?
I am still not sure if I want to participate or if I should drop out of clinical trial and go for the 12.
Appreciate anyone experience or thoughts!
Thanks so much

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A voluntary trial to take less than the standard protocol of chemo? I would not know what to tell you except when you conclude chemo, regardless of when, build up that immune system (you don't have to wait either, but you might check with you onc to make sure what you are doing will not weaken the effectiveness of the chemo)! No matter what you decide you can never go wrong with strengthening your immune system!

Best of luck,


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Thanks Rick,
My Oncologist has recommended my participation in this trial, said if I were a family member of his he would have them participate.
They are working on reducing the # of treatments required in our country as to not over chemo folks. Apparently so many drop out of the 12 regimen due to neuropathy that research has shown less treatments may be just as effective. So far I have had most of the side effectas but nothing that has prevented me from missing a treatment.
I am eating well (took a long time after resection!)exercising, and taking vitamins
I am just getting cold (no pun intended) feet as I near the end.

Best of luck to you too, hope you are through with treatments!

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I'd heard of studies that showed that 8 treatments were as good as 12, and that was 3 1/2 years ago. They'll be scanning you, so if after 6 treatments, they think you need more, they won't stop.

As I still have residual neuropathy from 7 treatments, I'd go for the shorter course, if they feel that will be as effective. I'm one of the ones who dropped out. (Only had oxi for 5 of the treatments, as an error in my first treatment had me receive a significant chemo overdose so they omitted the oxi in my second treatment, and after my 6th treatment, they decided to drop it all together.)

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