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So many good people on chat

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You know I am not great with words, or fancy ones at that. I will tell you I have meet some amazing people on the chat site. Some people I have grown to love and care about. They are a great group. I treasure every one . I try to go on to help them but the en up helping me. I don't ask for anything except friendship. That is all I really need. I am sad that once in a while someone comes on that does not seam real , but I still believe they need help too. I am always willing to chat with anyone . So if you need to chat with some one who is not the brightest on all the terms of cancer and the chemos. I am there for you.
I can give of myself compassion.and caring. In simple words.
My hubby is stage 4 larynx cancer mets to both lungs, he had & weeks Chemo and Rads Cisplatin, in 2009 and in 2010 he had carboplatin 8 rounds, now in 2011 his tumor in one lumh is 19.9 mm he is doing Docetaxol and At101 (trail drug) . THis is about all I know about his fight with cancer, maybe not nough to carry on long comversations about it. BUt I know I am scare lonely and worried .
I just want you all to know that if nothing else my heart is in the right place.

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and worried and lonely too. Hubby has stage 4 colon cancer with mets to liver Dx 12/08. 4 surgeries, about 50 rounds of folfri with and without avastin, RFA, and cyberknife radiation. And since this last tumor grew so fast, they are testing the biopsy to find what chemo is effective. More chemo coming, I see it. I am afraid this is the beginning of the end.

I used to get on chat, though it seemed hard to get into the conversation sometimes. I have "seen" you there...I don't know too much of the other cancers, as it has been my mission to educate myself on hubby's type and I get lost trying to figure out all the abbreviations of this and that. I think it's really cr@ppy we can't even plan for our anniversary trip in Sept. And it seems disability might be right around the corner.

Maybe I'll check for you on chat...Prayers for you and your husband.

(are you into the little debbies??)

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Posts: 534
Joined: Mar 2009

Angela, Yes I am queen of the Debbie Cakes. I think you would enjoy the chat, once you figure it out. It can be a little hard at frist, remembering peoples names and who,what, where , things. But it is worth it. When you feel down or lonely they are there and wrap their hearts around you. They are good people in the chat. They sure have supported me.
Sometimes it is hard to know which way I am going, not that it matters but sometimes it is good to know you are not alone. That what you think , feel, are so normal in a not so normal world. Sometimes just to know someone is out there feeling the way you feel mades a world of difference. I am not (and every one on there can tell you) a good speller . Heck some of the words I don't have a clue what they are . So I ask. They can (we can) together help each other figure out what we are doing what we need to ask, say to doctors.
Just come on and chat when you feel like it. Or you need a friend to listen .
We are all so different and comes from all walks of life, but we have one common thing that make us a family! We can always as one friend said agree to disagree at times.
So come on chat anytime.
The Debbie Cake Queen

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I came onto chat in the early morning hours last night...when i had thought i reached the end of my ropes. I found the site by chance and Spoke to a few people. Made all the difference in the world. You can not even imagine. As i talked i was crying...but in the end i was finally able to sleep a few hours after i logged out *which i have not slept more than 20-45 mins in the last 3 months* Without the courage and words of support of others im not sure i could find the strength to face the upcoming days. I want to thank each and everyone that i have spoke to.

It's my dad that has cancer. Stomach and esophagus. It's so heartbreaking but the kind words of those going through similar battles really help. This chat room made a huge impact on my life. So i want to thank you!!!


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Posts: 534
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Valerie ,
I remember you from last night, when you look for compassion and help , many times you find you still have enough left to pass it on to others. that is the good thing about Chat and the people. We don't just talk about cancer, we talk about what ever needs to be talked about. Some times we get silly . Sometimes we laught. This is what I want people to see is we all still have hope.
I was so glad to chat with you too.

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Tina Blondek
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Hey Zinniemay!
I have been missing you. Thanks for posting. I too love the chat room. It is more personal, and I too have made many good and caring friends. Hope to see you soon there. Hugs to you and hubby.
Tina in Va

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