When will it be all over....

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Well I am just updating some people on my dad. He is back in the hospital. He had what we thought was a pressure sore because he has been in so much pain. Well my mom took him to his treatment yesterday and had his oncologist look at it and he admitted him because he said it was a abcest and it needed to be surgically removed. Well dad was admitted yesterday and they got him right into surgery. Well when they got in there it was more then just a abcest. He has a tissue eating bacteria. He grew just in 2 days and the dr said this is the worst case they have ever seen. Its very rare. Well they went in and removed all the dead tissue. His incession is 4 inches wide and it goes from his rectum all the way up to his stomach. They had to take his scrotum because it was dead. so now he has a open incession. He has a temporary clostamy bag and later down the road they are going to put a wound vac on it to help it heal better. His stay in the hospital is 3 weeks and the healing proccess is going to be months. I wish bad things would stop happening to him but i know i have no control of it. I'm trying to take it one day at a time. The dr said yesterday that if he didnt have surgery yesterday he would of died last night. I'm so scared and im slowly starting to feel weak but i know i have to be strong for my family. Any suggestions??


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    Dear Linz,
    I am so sorry to

    Dear Linz,

    I am so sorry to see all your father has had to deal with. Take care and love him. Take care and love yourself! You are a good daughter, and I am sure he knows this.

    Will be keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers.

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    I am so sorry to hear what your dad is going thru but what a great comfort you must be for him..I have a 21 year old son and 18 year old daughter and they have been my source of pride, joy, comfort, motivation...I could go on and on and it sounds like you have the same kind of relationship with your dad..he did a good job raising such a wonderful daughter..I will continue to pray for your family.
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    So sorry...
    I am so sorry to hear about your father's newest health problem. I wish I had all the answers for you on how to deal with all of this but all I can say is have faith and believe that all will be well. Never give up hope.

    Don't let the stress and fear wear you down physically, you have to stay well so you can be with your dad. You are a wonderful, loving daughter and I'm sure your dad knows this but please remember to take time for yourself also. Go to lunch with friends, soak in a hot bubble bath, take a long walk in the sun, whatever it takes to let you relax and regroup.

    I know you will do well and you will be there for him whenever he needs you.

    I will keep you, your dad and your family in my prayers.
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    I am so sorry your dad is having such a hard time and I don't blame you for being scared. That said, you need to take care of yourself also. Do you have siblings who can help you?
    It sounds as though your dad is in good hands and that is a blessing. Take care and please keep us posted. Diane.
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    Dear Linz
    I am so sorry to hear of you and your dad's painful journey through this medical crisis. When I first learned of my dear husband's cancer diagnosis, I became frantic. But, even though right now is hard. Remember things do change. He is getting the best care and loving support that is available. And all you can do is love him. Don't think about tomorrow. It will come no matter how we would like to make time stand still. Live in the moment. Try to take pleasure in the tiniest things. A smile, the sunshine, the chirping of a bird, the sweet smell of flowers. You need to fill your cup in order to be strong for your dad. Rejoice in the fact that you can still touch him, hug him and speak with him. God will provide.