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A poem about my personal Beauty I had to write for English class, yes in the end Cancer related titled My Beauty Marks, My Scars

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My Beauty Marks
Winter Marie Egbers

As I look upon my body I see these
marks that have shaped me into
who I am,
Others may look upon these things,
my scars, and think oh,
you poor thing.
But, no, each scar tells a tale
of the shaping of my soul.
The scar upon my finger from
chopping kindling, when I
was but 11 years old
is simply a scar that taught me
slow down, take it easy,
don’t rush through life
or you can get hurt.
The scar on my hand I received
when I was a young teenager
of just thirteen.
I woke up late and took care of myself first,
not worried about the animals waiting to be fed.
When I finally took them their hay,
in eagerness to eat they reached out and took a bite…
of my hand, that is.
So this isn’t a simple scar no,
it taught me when others depend
on me, myself and I,
to be there, for my jobs,
my school and my family.
The scar that lays between my
belly button and bikini line
is one of my most cherished
of scars,
it comes from a c-section and tells
of a child I never held
who lies in a BabyLand grave
alone and far away
This scar isn’t a simple scar,
It taught me to love and love well
While I could
for you never know when a loved one
will be taken from you
and hold that love near
while you can.
The scar on my bikini line is a
precious scar, my daughter
came through this scar
my bundle of joy I
held so tight.
This scar taught me that love
can continually come into my
not to close my heart from previous
pains or loss,
that hope lives on in the most
miraculous ways.
The second scar on my bikini line
was a lesson from God I do believe
because my life had become routine
and so very easy.
Out of this scar came the most
rambunctious trouble making child
that ever existed
or so it seemed.
at two years old, the product from
This scar climbed on the
toilet, at 2 AM, to climb on the
vanity, to open the medicine
Cupboard to get the
to shave himself.
Oh yes, this scar taught me to be
vigilant, to watch out for
dangers in the night.
And it taught me something even
more important, to never give up, never lose hope
for this child has become my rock
one of my greatest joys.
This child encouraged me to go to school
to use my mind
I learned about pride with this child
for I am proud of this child of mine.
My scar that is but four months old
that travels from between my
breast to my bikini line
my cancer scar
has taught me many things, that
every moment whether good or bad
are moments to be cherished
that memories we make upon this earth
are memories made for those you leave behind.
This scar taught me in the bleakest moments,
in times of doom and gloom,
that out there shines a light, the light of hope.
Yes, these scars are my beauty marks,
for they tell the story of my life.
As my hands run down the lines of these scars
I don’t see ugliness,
not at all,
I see beauty marks, that shaped
the person that is me,
and I think that I am a person
of beauty.

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Beautiful Winter Marie, just beautiful:)

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Winter Marie,
Absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for sharing. Beautiful!


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What a great, meaningful poem and yes, you are that person of beauty. And very talented, to boot.



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A beautiful poem, from a beautiful woman.
It touched me deeply.
Thank you, Judy

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Did you get an A?? (you should!)

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that is beautiful i am glad you shared that with us...Godbless...johnnybegood

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tina dasilva
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WOW AWESOME WOW that's all I can keep saying WOW hugs Tina

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beautiful poem....thank you so much


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In line with everybody else:)

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Its beautiful Winter Marie :)

Love and hugs, Gail

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Winter Marie, you're a beautiful person and I thank you for sharing so much here ♥

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Thanks for sharing it!

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Beautiful. You are inspiring and very talented.


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I love it!


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Wow is what I said to myself after reading this. Beautifully written- thank you for sharing!



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That was really beautiful......


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hugs pete

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