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sac of fluid

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After having colon cancer surgery, radiation, and chemo, the 2nd ct scan showed a sac of fluid. The oncologist gave me antibotic for 10 days, I still feel like I have constipation or blockage. The doctor said no followup needed. My Colonoscopy is in 10 days. should I request more antibotic?

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fluid buildup from healing...the body usually absorbs that in time but thats simply a guess. I wouldd assure that if you do get blocked or don't go and you start having pain...get to the ER or call the Dr back and insist on a followup...or find another Dr..........buzz

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Your doctor would be the one o best answer that. After surgery I had 1.5 liters of fluid in my abdomen. It was not from infection. They aspirated it and tested it. After they took it out, it never come back. Cal your doctor and tell them your concern - he may have a reason for only giving you ten days worth.

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Where is the sack of fluid? Is it at your surgery site? Dick has had fluid in the area of his May 2010 surgery and even though it is going down, no one is worried about it and it does not light up on a PET.


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Hi Pamela just letting you know I have well wishes for you. Your surgeon should definitely know about it. Oh I just re read and I think he does? Well then tell your onc and see what the second opinion thinks. I don't have any experience on this myself.

love and hugs, Gail

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Thank you all for your well wishes and suggestions, I guess I will wait for the colonscopy to tell me what is going on. It's a little scarry because this is how they found my cancer in the first place. Does anyone else have problems with oc doc helping with side effects? Thanks again

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