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Kidney Mass

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I'm new to this site...I feel I'm at the very end of my rope, discovered these forums, and figured maybe someone might have some insight as to what I'm going through. In June 2010, I went to an Urgent care site locally, I thought i had a UTI..I had some pelvic pain, and was given an antibiotic..The next month the pain was still there. I had a CT scan done, and it was found that I had a cyst on my left kidnet measuring about 3cm. I was told it was common, nothing to be concerned with. They also found Ovarian cysts. Christmas Eve, I returned to the ER because I had a D&C done on the 22nd, I had a lot of abdomial pain. Another CT was done, I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, and again a cyst on my kidney, same size as last CT. In March, this year I began having a lot of lower back pain, I have a herniated disc L4 from an MVA in 1992. An X ray was done and it was suggested I go for Phys. Therapy..That wasn't helping so a CT was ordered. Now they say the cyst is a solid mass, same size as the last two. I am scared out of my wits. Have an apt. with a Urologist Easter Mon. My bloodwork is all within normal limits. Urinalysis, normal, not traces of blood.Bence Jones, normal What's puzzling me most, is the mass is on the left kidney, and I'm having pain in right flank and pelvic area....I'm so confused, afraid and don't know what to think...If anyone has experienced anything like this I would certainly appreciate hearing your story...

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Your doctor will have to determine whether the 3cm cyst on your Kidney is likely to be Kidney Cancer. Hopefully not. The good thing about a 3 cm cyst is that even if it is Kidney Cancer it is of a small enough size that surgery will likely cure it for good although there are follow up tests. Most of us on this board have gone thru this surgery and we are still around helping the newcomers. My surgery was on 8.1.2002. Sorry us guys can not help you on the other stuff, but we wish you well. If you do face surgery for Kidney Cancer you will find a lot of help on this board leading you to and thru this surgery.

Best wishes,


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Hi Katielynn,
I just wanted to offer you my support. I know exactly what you're goung through. I went through a similar experience, infact I think all of us have very similar stories to some extent. I know it's hard but try to direct your attention on educating yoursef as much as possibe. The more you know the more in control you will feel. The most important thing I can tell you is Don't be afraid to question your doctor's. Even asking for a 2nd opinion if necessry. If you don't feel that you can do that take someone that will do it for you... It's always a good idea to have someone w/you anyway because it's a lot to take in & lots of info to process. Be mentally prepared for anything but have hope for the best...
Even if it is Cancer DON'T think that it is a death sentence IT ISN'T!!!! Especially for Kidney Cancer, Surgery usually takes care of it especially it being so small. Hope to hear your update... Till then I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers..


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When is your appointment. Ask lost of questions. I had no real syjptoms. I actually have more aches and pains since the surgery. And of course, we now worry about every little ache and pain. Bring a list of questions and wait and see what they say. good luck

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Well, I met with my urologist this past Monday...I did ask a ton of questions. He's a young doctor, he specializes in minimally invasive surgery, trained at Cedars Sinai, and was really a very nice person to talk to. Some as we all know can come off as kind of cold, and matter of fact-like. Soo, after 2 CT scans with and without contrast, I am now going for an MRI. As I said earlier, my CT from last July and this Dec came back showing a cyst on my kidney. Seems the bottom line is they aren't 100% sure of what it is...he's leaning towards it being a mass....I was told if the MRI shows it's a cyst we leave it alone...If it is indeed a mass, he will remove it...sounds like I won't have to lose my kidney....All my other organs showed normal, which he said is a positive thing...I'm preparing myself for the worst..I keep hearing "you have to be positive" but I just can't get my hoopes up...I'm ready for whatever comes up...well, as ready as one can get...and to think this all came about, because we were looking for the cause of my lower back pain...Maybe it was a blessing that my back started to hurt so much, as I had NO other symptoms other than some abdominal pain, which 2 doctors I see attributed it to Diverticulosis...All I can do now is pray, and wait...My MRI is May 4th and my follow up apt is May 9th...That's when I guess I'll get all my answers...I'll keep popping in, and not only will I pray for myself, but you're all in my parayers...

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Hi Katielynn,

I noticed that you also had ovarian cysts. When they found my kidney tumor, they also found an ovarian mass on my right ovary (I don't have a left, removed in previous surgery). I was having right flank pain and pelvic pain, and my kidney tumor was on my left kidney. My ovarian mass ended up being a cyst and went away eventually. It was the cause of my pelvic pain and right flank pain. Not saying yours is, but just thought I would share that with you.

God Bless,

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