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tired of being lost

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tanker sgv
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I have gotten used to people I love dieing, that bothers me so much I'm 27 and understand death more than life. I'm just so tired of feeling loss and telling myself to acsept it and move on. Anger seems to be the only thing that makes me feel in control. I am better than that, I know. I am over letting things slide, I don't know why I am even writing this or what I except get as a response. FU©K THIS DISEASE and the horse it rode in on!!!!!

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I wish I had some great words of wisdom. I am also tired of being lost. I joined a bereavement group, and it seems to be helping. I'm still crying a river of tears and my anger is below the surface, but I've been told that anger is a big part of grieving. So, please give voice to your anger here. BTW, I have adopted your statement about this disease. It says it all! (((Hugs)))

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I will never get used to people I love dying. I will always be angry and grieve when I lose them, but I will move forward. That is what the people I loved would want me to do. It's ok to be angry. You have a right to be angry. You are too young to have lost so many. Please try to find a way to use that anger constructively. Writing your feelings here will help others who feel the same way. Next weekend I will be walking in our local Relay for Life. I am still here and I am going to be part of the fight against cancer. Take care of yourself. Fay

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