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April 20, 2009

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Two years since I danced with The Robot. I rembember riding the gurney into the OR and seeing the surgeon on a computer ... I wondered if he was getting his e-mail or playing solitare.

Don't remember leaving the OR, but according to my nurse I engaged in quite a conversation on how soon I could have sex. Couldn't look her in the eyes for the rest of the hospital stay.

Thanks to all of the folks on this forum for their advice ... its been greatly appreciated. Wishing you nothing but zeros.

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Great news! Happy anniversary and best wishes for many, many, many more.

As to the topic of conversation in your second paragraph...the answer to that is the punchline of a very old joke. The answer is that it depends on whether you have a private or semi-private room. (As you can tell from my avatar, old jokes are my specialty.)

I just hope that we're not all judged by what comes out of our mouth when the "go bye-bye juice" is still circulating in our system. That's nasty stuff and plays havoc with everything. Not many of us would pass that test!

As to your surgeon's computer...judging by how well you've done and how successful he was at moving stuff around in there, maybe he was playing Tetris.

I only made it to 18 months before my recurrence so now I'm starting from scratch again. Im not jealous of your success, however. I applaud it!! Congrats again!!

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I like the great humour in which you announce your anniversary.
Keep "tickling" for many years and let us know about your progress.

Cheers to you

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I am so happy or you ...You still taking 90 day test or annual?

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I've been doing 6 month PSA testing. I had some long trips, and a change of doctor, that messed the schedule up (next test ... two year a bit late... in about two months). I should go on one year at that point.

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Congrats on the two year mark!


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