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2nd Rituxan infusion in the bag!

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Hi Guys,
The scan results were fine...no new activity or change since January scans, so I had my 2nd Rituxan maint infusion today. Took about 3 1/2 hours but went ngreat with no problems...slep the whole time. My Onc wants me to make an appt with the surgeon that did my Rotator cuff repair and see about getting the forced manipulation done. The scan showed tisssue scar and muscle tightening in my left arm, which my Onc thinks is causing the swelling in left pit and along my neck. He also thinks my sore throat is sinus drainage and wants me to go in and see my PCP. So....at least now we know the cancer is still stable and there's no change since chemo ended in Dec. Good day! Windy as hell, but all in all a VERY good day. I'm tired still from the pre-meds so I'm going to curl up and chill out in my comfy recliner. Thanks for all of the love and support..
Love ya...Sue (FNHL-s-3A-6/10)

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Had me worried all week. Thank goodness everything is Okay. John

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Oh so happy for the good news. I know how relieved you must be. Onward you go with no relapse worries. Enjoy the piece of mind. Mary

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Yeah! I'm so glad it turned out this way! Kellie

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Just what we wanted to hear. Just what You wanted to hear too! Wonderful news. Makes my day. Now we wait for news of the baby.
Peaceful healing

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Thank God! Glad to hear the great news, very relieved for you! Rest well.



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Awesome news Sue. Maybe getting your shoulder fixed will do the trick! I am so happy for you missy!!


miss maggie
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Dear Sue,

Somehow, I knew it. We are our worse enemies. I told you sweet lady.

I am glad the Rituxan treatment is going well. I too, had no problems with the

Stay well and enjoy the wonderful news and your future endeavers. I am so happy.

Love you Maggie

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Glad things are taking a swing up for you.Stay warm.Hugs,Michele DX95FNHL3

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Sue I am so happy you are stable. That kinda sounded funny since I am not sure I am stable. Anyway glad the scan was good. Great news. I am so happy for you. Have a great peaceful, happy evening:)

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So happy to hear Sue! Now you can concentrate on that new grandbaby's arrival! Get lots of rest.


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Hi Sue:

I sure prayed all will be fine. Thanks to the Lord it is. I am so glad that your news is good.
It sure plays with our emotions for sure. I know.
I worry all the time that when you are not looking or testing , you are having it back.
It is a scary situation.
Hope you are enjoying your day.
Much love, Hilde

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I am so happy for you, this is great news!!!!

Happy Easter to you and your family.

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HI Sue - you are always so supportive on this site to others and now it's YOUR turn to receive good wishes! Like the others, so happy your cancer is at bay and your second Rituxan is over. Don't know what the shoulder adjustment involves, but have had rotator surgery in the past and that's no fun, so must be better than that.

Happy Easter with your family - bet you're having fish instead of so many of us who will be dining on Ham and all the trimmings! Love, Fran

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Have no idea where that last word came from - on my preview it appeared as the word I typed - trimmings. ????

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Hi Fran,
The CSN site has been doing weird things lately...freezing up..vanishing posts, etc. John and Lisha were having trouble posting earlier this week. Anyways..yes...I'm very happy the scan was good! Baby Lizzy is showing signs of wanting to arrive. Her mom had contractions last night, but they eased off today...(darn).ha! Maybe we will have a Easter baby! Have a good weekend Fran..BTW..we are having ham for Easter diner, but... I'm making salmon patties for diner tonight. Love..Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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