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Stomach Cancer Stage 4 - Help required urgently.

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My Dad who is 68 years underwent 2 surgeries in last 2 months [stomach-intestine bypass surgery on 22 Feb 2011 and partial gastrectomy on 22 March 2011]. The Biopsy report says T4 and out of 20 lymph nodes 5 are infective so it is T4N2M0 which is as per pathology Stage 4. At the end of report it has been mentioned as Microscopic extent of tumour - Tumour penetrates to surface of visceral perituneum (serosa) and directly invades adjacent structures- part of pancreas seen in sections.
Now I met some couple of Oncologist to seek the best advice and to my wonder, I got variety of opinions. After looking at the reports, some Oncologist says go for ECF, some says use EOF or Docetaxel or MacDonald theraphy where as some says go for chemoRadiotheraphy.
I wanted to know which one would be best. Chemotheraphy or ChemoRadiotheraphy ? If only chemotheraphy then which drugs to be used which are best effective as chemo itself is a combination of 3-4 drugs. Also, during or before chemotheraphy what diet we should give which can minimize the side effects of chemotheraphy.
I am totally shattered after hearing that my dad got such a painful disease. I just to give the best available treatment in order to cure him from this disease.

Waiting for an earliest response as chemotheraphy or chemoRadiotheraphy has to start pretty soon.
Amit Saxena.

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Amit, I am very sorry to hear about your Father's diagnosis. There is something called targeted molecular therapy that they can do in the medical community. This is where they take tissue during a biopsy from your father's cancer and send it out to see what chemo will work for him. Unfortunately, chemo is not a "one size fits all" treatment. With the new targeted therapy, there is a better chance of getting the most effective drugs for your father. It takes a few weeks to come back, but at least you know you are then using the best treatment.

That being said, I do not know about the radiation as this was not provided as an option for my husband. Everything I read/was told indicated that even if they are going to do radiation, they almost always do chemo first. The one thing I will tell you is that please act quickly as possible as this is a very aggressive and bad cancer (not that any cancer is good).

As far as minimizing the chemo effects and eating, there are many drugs they have available today to help with nausea and some of the other negative side effects; insist on your father getting them. Also, you will need to try different foods as again, everyone reacts differently. There are some good books out there that tell you what foods usually work better for different side effects and also give receipes. I can email you the name of one or two if you would like.

Stay strong for your father and do not lose hope!

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Aloha Amit, very sorry to hear about your father. I will pray for him. Perhaps, you can get another opinion from another doctor. Most time your doctor will know what is best-check with Specialist too. They can also give you a list of medication that maybe good for your father. chekc out the side effects.
My husband 39 yrs. old, has Stage IV cancer of the stomach (since 9-1-2011)- He is doing chemotherapthy and seems to be doing ok. It has side effets-but treating each side effect is what gets him through each phase. Ask the doc's to keep his pain to a minimal level so that he doesn't suffer so much. Stay strong, your father needs that right now.

take care

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Hello Izetta,
My husband who is 40 yrs old was just diagnosed 4 wks ago of Stage 4 Gastric CA, he started his first round of Chemotherapy and he has been vomiting in the last 3 days. He can keep mostly liquids but no solids at all. May I know which nausea medication your husband takes. I would like to know more about your situation because it seems like my husband and yours have the same diagnosis. You can find me on facebook if you like, Yolanda Suleiman. Thank you.

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