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I just heard from Raquel...nanab

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I just heard from Raquel and she asked me to share a couple of things...... Raquel had shared with us earlier how her grandmother lived to the remarkable age of 101 and was nearing her time to go. Her grandmother just passed away. ..... And also, minutes before she told me about her grandmother, Raquel shared the wonderful relults of her recent CT.....all clear and cancer free!

Raquel I'm so sorry for your families loss of such a wonderful family member. Although the wonderful news of your clear CT collided with the day of sadness, I would like to think grandma held on to know this and give you a strength and comfort with the special care and love a grandmother gives.

Love and hugs my friend and buddy, Gail

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But in the other hand I feel really happy for your results! .
Congratulations for that Raquel!

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Bittersweet day for her.

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Yes, a bittersweet day it is for Raquel. My condolences on your loss dear. And I'm so glad that your CT scan looks good, so nice to hear. Take care, Cynthia

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How sad that her grandmother passed but it sounds like she had a good life. Congratulations on the scan.


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for posting the news.

Dear Raquel, so sorry to hear of your grandmother's passing. She was blessed to have a long life and to be able to enjoy her family.

I am glad to hear that your recent scan was AOK! Great news is always a plus.


Marie who loves kitties

Fight for my love
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Raquel,I am so sorry for your loss.I am glad for your clear scan.

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I am sending special thoughts and prayers your way.


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Thanks, Gail, for posting this.

Raquel- I'm really sorry to hear about the passing of your grandma. She obviously lived a nice long life, but I know it's always hard to say goodbye and it would feel like a loss, no matter what the person's age is/was.

About your scan... I told you I had a good feeling about it- yeehah!!

Hugs to you my friend,

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I am sorry to hear your grandmother passed. And I am happy to hear your scan was clear.

Thanks, Gail.

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101, I can only imagine.......what stories Im sure she passed on to her children and grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. What traditions she passed on to all of you. What longevity in life she passed on as well......You will be the recipient of all of her qualities as it shows already in you acts of kindness and zest for life. Celebrate that she is with her creator and is certainly looking down on all of you with a gentle smile knowing that she has completed her task with all of you, her family, and certainly did an excellent job in doing so... may she be at rest and peace and your CT Scan, well all I can say is it is well deserved and I am so very happy that that burden is not to bear for you as well....

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For letting us know.


So sorry to hear about your grandmother. She must have loved you very much.

Take Care,


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Oh, such a mix of emotions! It's wonderful that she got the all clear, but I sure am sorry about her grandmother.

Thanks for letting us know!


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Nana b
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Thank you everyone. Despite all my grandmothers hardships, she carried on like a true warrior. She gave birth to 15 kids, lost 4 to an illness all at a very young age, she raised her sister's 5 kids after she was brutally killed. She took my Mom in with her 8 kids, for 5 years. Never complained a day in her life, she had so much love and she loved hugs so very much!! She would take you in her arms and never let you go. RIP Nana!

Thank you and I am very happy about my scans.

Hugs! Raquel

Nice hairdo Gail!! Love it Buddy!

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Just wonderful to have your grandmother live such a long life. Indeed it doesn't sound like it was an easy life, but rather hard and harsh at times, but one I'm sure that she felt largely rewarded, especially with grandchildren such you and your beautiful daughters, her great grandchildren, and I'm sure her grandchildren, and great grandchildren brought her joy all those years. Yes, I know it's sad to say goodbye, especially when you have had all those years to spend with her, but how much richer you must feel Raquel, for having had her love and care for you for so long and you for her. And how wonderful for her to know you were at last cancer free!!!
Thinking of you,
winter Marie

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