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Rory and Lou

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Thank you for your answers and suggestions. At this point my friend is asymptomatic, smoldering myeloma, so next blood and bone scans in six months. I did share the information about the blog with her and it turns out she's been taking turmeric (sp?) for several months.

Thank you both again for your help.


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It's good to hear that your friend is asymptomatic just let her take the curcumin supplements, who knows it might stop the progression to active MM. If she has free time tell her to join this site, oh and tell her to check myeloma.org there are a lot of clinical trials in that site which tests a lot of new drugs. Best wishes for your friend


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Thanks Rory,

I'll tell her both of those things.

Best wishes to you in your journey.


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Best wishes to the patient with asympotmatic MM. My MM was asymptomatic MGUS for several years. I was diagnosed stage II MM in January and began Revlimid and Dex last month due to waiting after scheduled surgery. My suggestion to anyone who is asymptomatic is to stick carefully to the followup schedule. You never know when/if the diagnosis will change. In my case we are right on top of this thing thanks to the diligence from VA and a little persistence on my part. -- Bill

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