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Specialists Visit

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Hi Peeps,

On Monday I'm supposed to be in SF seeing my Lymphoma Oncology Specialist, staying over night and than seeing my Orthopedic Specialist on Tuesday. I've been having more pain than usual in my left hip so need to find out what's going on. I've had double hip replacement in 2006 so should not be hurting. After reading all the posts of fellow peeps having not what they expected doctor visits I'm not so sure this is the right time to go. I wasn't fearful of my Onc visit at all, no scans just blood work, but now I just don't know. Just thought I'd share, sure everything will be just fine.

Love you guys, or if we're peeps are we all chicks?

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Don't they say it comes in threes? If so, then we should be done....Lisha, Donna and me.
So, you're visit is going to be awesome....it's just a hurdle not a mountain. :)

Just an update, ran my hands through my hair...3 strands stayed on the hands. Anybody want to guess what day I shave??????

Take care sweetie, I'll be a chick very soon :)


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Leslie - so sorry to hear about your upcoming visits. A double hip replacement doesn't sound like any fun, and it certainly should have lasted longer than it has. Going to see 2 specialists is a bummer - I will be anxious to hear what they say and hope good news comes your way. Too many people in pain now - time for some uplifting and happy news from someone! Praying for you - Fondly, Fran

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Leslie,Hope your visits go well and they get to the bottom of things going on.Pain is never good to have,I feel for you.God bless,Michele Dx95FNHL3

miss maggie
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Dear Leslie,

Some other time when things slow down for you, please explain how your double hip replacement went. This is not so important now.

Before I had my bone marrow biopsy, I never had problems with my hips. Soon after my right hip startet to bother me. I wonder, since you had both hip replaced, why would your hips bother you? Did you have your BMB in your left hip?

I know you will post the outcome of your visit on Monday and Tuesday. I think you know by now, how much I pray for you and think of you all the time. It breaks my heart to hear of anyone being in pain. Enough is enough.

All my love. Maggie

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I echo everything everybody else has said,even the thing about the hip used for BMB. It was left hip and it was the one that gave me a fit later. It is a lot better now. Hopefully it is just a minor set back. John(FNHL-1-4A-5/10)

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Thanks everyone for all the kind words and for all your caring. I'm sure my Oncology specialist will find nothing. His Fellow usually does the exam and I swear these Fellows don't even go to the right places when feeling for lymph nodes. It's down right funny.

Your so right when I think about it, my BMB was done on the left hip. Maybe there is a connection. However besides the pain, which isn't bad right now, I feel off balance, like the prosthetic has slipped. Sure hope not. Probably will want to do X rays and an MRI though.

Let you all know what they say on Wed.

I love all my peeps,

miss maggie
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Dear Leslie,

Yes, because I now have problems with my right hip, I am off balance also. Even
though I hate it, I now bring a walking cane with me. I know for a fact, I am off
balance because of my right hip. How do I know? I hate taking medication or pain
pills if I don't have to. But, if I have some special occasion, I will take Aleve,
2 tablets. I am free of pain all day. The medication makes me normal and I am not
off balance all day. I have a fear of taking Aleve daily, because of what
happened to me in Sept 09, small bowel perforating. My doctor approved me taking
once in awhile.

Hope this helps. Love you too. Love Maggie

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