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alternative treatments

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I have been hanging around here since September when I was dx with Anal Cancer, stage ii, completed chemo and radiation 12/8. I am currently NED.

I am very sorry to hear about Kerry and John.

My question is for my almost 90 year old Mother in Law dx CC 3 years ago had surgery for tumour, no chemo, no rad. Ned for two years then reoccurred in her lungs one year ago. Growth so far has been minimal but now Tumour marker rising. Going for another scan on 4/22. I was hoping that something could slow the growth. Is there a list of alternatives that have had some success at slowing the growth?

Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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At 90 I would advise nothing extreme, you dont want any unecessary reactions/issues.

Green Tea, as much as she can drink and Melatonin (20mg) were recommended by a Professor here in the UK.

My partner has been on Blueberries since Dx also.

Nothing else to suggest, my partner has mets and had a terrible experience with a Phase 1 trial, but is now improving and was told today 'bloods excellent', not bad considering everything and no treatment for 5 months.

I would also suggest chakra meditation, after just 2 sessions my partner is more positive, relaxed and postively glowing, 3 weeks ago I was fearing he was in a downward spiral and never to level out, now I am thinking he can still beat this.

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Thank you for responding.

I like your answers.

Glad to hear your partner is feeling better.

She has some dementia, short term memory mostly. The strangest thing, she can always remember that I had cancer, but she does not remember that she does!

I am stil lloking for more information on treatments.



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First off.... If there's a tumor that can be identified, why isn't there
an option to have it surgically removed? With cancer, surgery is the
single best way to remove it, anything else is "chancy"; it may work,
it may not work, with surgery, you know it's gone.

That aside.. Alternatives can be used to slow the growth of cancer,
but all alternatives take time to work. If the tumor is in a critical
area, and growing fast, there may not be time enough to make
good use of an alternative.

I was classed at a stage 4 in 2006, and I did not make use
of chemo or radiation after the initial surgery. I used medicinal
strength imported herbs, instead. I won't make any claims regarding
the validity of herbal compounds or if they work against cancer
or not.... I took them, and they are listed on my "personal page"
in the "blog" section. I'm still alive in spite of a very poor prognosis
back in 2006. That prognosis was based on -if- I took chemo.
The prognosis if I did not do chemo was -0-. The physicians
say I am very very lucky. If I did chemo, they would say that
I am still around "thanks to chemo"; 'nuff said ?

The average life expectancy in the USA is 78 years.
"Life Expectancy 2010"

At 66, I feel like I'm already on "borrowed time", but that aside,
if I do see 90, I won't be any less fearful, depressed, and totally
stressed of the thought of dying, than I am today. Age isn't a
prerequisite for death, anymore than wild youthful risk-taking.
Cancer however, is considered a terminal disease.

There will be others along (I just PM'd a couple) to help you
decide on an alternative route, although it's not really "your"
choice to make (?). But I would seek other qualified opinions
from surgeons outside of the present surgeon's group, organization,
or area, and find out why surgery isn't taking place to remove that

Once there is no "hurry", explore the alternatives! Most appear to
work as well or better, than any toxic, carcinogenic chemical
does, and without the horrible side effects!

And -never- be afraid to ask any question at all, here! We're all
interested in helping others through this mess.

Best wishes to you and yours,


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You may wish to look up info on Essiac Tea. This is a very old remedy for cancer, and other things, too. There is a great deal of info on Essiac Tea. I read several books on it, and you can also check it out on the internet.

An RN named Rene Caisse got this formula (4 herbs) to brew the tea back in the early parts of the 20th century. She was in Canada, and according to many reports, healed many people with cancer. The medical establishment fought her very much, and she finally went to the United States.

She finally worked with a Dr. Brusch (the personal physical of President John Kennedy), to try and get Essiac Tea approved for cancer treatments. They never got it done. However, Dr. Brusch got colon cancer himself, and says he was completely healed using Essiac Tea only. He has a sworn affidavit to this effect.

You can research it yourself, and see what you may think. It is inexpensive, and has very little taste.


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I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. If you read my story you will see that I did complementary/alternatives in 2004 and have had success thus far. You may want to find a local Naturopathic Doctor to help with getting her blood levels up, which will help boost her immune system.

Also read Anticancer, written by a doctor who got brain cancer, to see what else you can do. I juiced about 16 oz of 1/4 carrots, celery, beets, and cabbage twice a day but I had liver mets and a lung met. Juicing can really help get instant nutrients into her ASAP while taking stress off the liver since there will be no digestion needed (the liver finishes up what the stomach doesn't).

Essaic tea is good as has already been mentioned. I decided to eat all organic and totally got off white sugar and white flour. Almost 7 years later I still don't eat that nor do I eat any processed or fast foods.

Beating Cancer With Nutrition by Patrick Quillan is another good book about things other than chemo/radiation that you can do.

My best to you and your Mom! She is lucky to have you going to bat for her.

Lisa P.

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I would keep any treatments as minimally invasive as possible. Your main goal is to keep her comfortable and happy.

My mom is in her early 90s, and also has dementia. When drs found a shadow on her breast during a scan for kidney issues, we (my siblings and I) chose not to pursue it, despite her history of breast cancer, because we knew that surgery, chemo and radiation would be confusing for her. At this age, it's not about prolonging life, it's about the quality of her life.

You may want to consider whether or not to have her have the scans if treatment isn't an option. Keep an eye on her for her comfort, and don't put her through unnecessary tests and trauma.

Wishing you well,

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Thank you for your responses.

We are finding your information and experiences very helpful. We will keep in touch with what treatments we decide to go with and her prognosis.


Posts: 562
Joined: Apr 2011

Thank you for your responses.

We are finding your information and experiences very helpful. We will keep in touch with what treatments we decide to go with and her prognosis.


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