Problem of No Taste

Alicia 51
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Hi Everyone - My husband, Jerry had 12 hour brain surgery where they got ALL the tumor. However, due to it being Cancer and some stray cells he underwent 33 radiation treatments. Now he is in the recovery period after all the radiation and his biggest problem right now is NO TASTE and NAUSEA. He has 3 different meds to take for the nausea, but cannot seem to find any food that he can taste. Unfortunately, he is also a very picky eater anyway!!!! He said, "If I can't taste it, what's the point!!" The only thing he can somewhat taste is EGGS and he has been living off of those for about a month now and SICK OF THEM!!!!! We both are getting so tired and frustrated.


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    No taste
    I did experience that when I had WBRT my taste buds started coming back around 2 months after I finished my treatment, recovery of taste was slow first sour, then a few weeks later salty, then bitter and then sweet. It took a total of 3 months to get my taste back. Nausea is still there though.
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    Hi Alicia,
    Welcome to our little family but I do have to say I'm sorry you and your husband had to join. But we are here for each other, so you need anything,just let us know; and I hope you don't mind but I will add you, your hubby and your family to my prayers. My husband had a melanoma tumor removed in Dec.2010 and then had radiation and temodar for 14 days. Now has tumor in chest, going for PET scans next week. But he did have and unfortunately, is still having issues with taste and nausea. He had no taste for a short time, which led to no appetite. Now, anything sweet is TOO sweet, and he's fighting an infection so he is still fighting nausea as well. I wish I could tell you that this is a short bumpy road, but it's a loooonnnngggg bumpy road and we have only been doing this since Dec. Keep trying is all I can say, try things he's never liked, you never know he might like them now, but of course try to stay with things that won't upset his tummy. If the meds for nausea aren't working he needs to see his docs again, they have to find something that works; and I don't know, ginger ale works really well for my hubby's stomach, and applesauce he lived on oatmeal(the old fashioned kind) apple sauce, and ginger ale for a while.
    I hope my ideas help and I hope things get better for you and your hubby. Like I said this place is here for you and him, if you need to vent, have questions, feel alone anything here we are!! Angie
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    No sense of smell
    I'm glad you and your husband are here and doing ok.... I really noticed the lack of my sense of smell after
    Radiation( a really long time ago). Since then, it has returned some and my taste has returned some
    Too (though my daughter would disagree). Life is way too important to get hung up on the small things. glad you are both ok and don't let little things get in the way of the opportunity you've been given.
    Regards, Tony
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    No Taste
    Not sure if his stomach can handle it, but I can still taste mexican and citrus. I keep oranges around as well as granny smith apples and frozen strawberry fruit bars. Unfortunately for my waistline, I can still taste sweet - lemon bars, ice cream and root bear floats. Of course, I'm on an acid reducer everyday. I can also taste stroganoff. I had 34 radiation treatments. Two weeks since they ended and I am slowly getting my taste back.

    Tell him to keep trying different things. I think it's different for everyone.