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The Two Sides of One Coin

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The joy that life brings is lost in the cruelty that a slow death brings.

This isn't living, it's merely existing. A prisoner to medication.


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suffering is suffering. doesn't really matter if it is quick, so to speak, or is slow. all anyone can do is give comfort.

Go dtuga Dia agat i mbosa a láimhe. Síochána a bheith agat le.

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Are mortal things. They progress and regress throughout their existence, often hanging on by the slimmest thread even when the soul is ready to move on.

A slow death is what we all dread for ourselves and our loved ones. To watch a loved one suffer is heart-breaking - but please remember there is help for the pain and don't fail to ask for it. No one needs to die in pain and everyone deserves whatever comfort measures are available.

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I can handle death, afterall it's a part of living. I hate to see anyone suffer. If that person is going to pass why must God allow that person to linger. This is a issue I am having between God and I right now.

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There are things to help prevent the suffering that comes from pain, ms. sunshine.

My faith says God knows the moment we are born and the moment we will die. Doesn't say he directs the death process - that would include the suffering. Suffering is dependent upon the circumstances of the death.

I know it is hard. Have been through watching loved ones die lingering, suffering deaths many times. This is not God's choice for our lives. You must remember that.

Not sure this one will make it past the censors, ms. sunshine, but I tried :)

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