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American Milk: Colon and Breast Cancer Risks

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Dear American Friends,

This could also be important.

I am looking into IGF of late and found this warning, seems reasonable.
I have been off dairy for 9 months, except for a couple of icecream binges.
Which now I seriously regret, gelato for this guys from here on.

Lots of other studies re IGF and cancer risk.

It maybe time to give up dairy, some of the anticancer diets seem to be based on emerging evidence.

Just thought I would raise everyones awareness, in case you are interested.

For those on healthy diets, your non dairy diet may have helped stop the spread of your colon cancer. I hope this study is based on sound science and that its an area where survivors can make an informed lifestyle choice.

I am interested in all comments and feedback on this subject area.

hugs to all,


From wiki

American Milk: Colon and Breast Cancer Risks

American dairy farmers use rBGH hormone to increase milk production

rBGH increases cancer risk of milk
Citizen advocacy groups escalate efforts against rBGH
Study Warns of Colon and Breast Cancer Risks from rBGH Milk

January 23, 1996, Washington, DC - The Cancer Prevention Coalition and Food & Water, released a study today reporting that milk from cows injected with recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) increases risks of breast and colon cancers in humans. This study is published in the January issue of the International Journal of Health Services, a peer-reviewed, leading international public health journal.

The study summarizes evidence that rBGH increases levels of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) in milk. IGF-1 is a powerful stimulator and regulator of cell-growth and division in humans and cows. The study concludes that increased IGF-1 levels are risk factors for breast and colon cancer.

rBGH poses an even greater risk to human health than ever considered," warned Samuel Epstein M.D., Professor of Environmental Medicine at the University of Illinois School of Public Health and Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, author of the new report. "The FDA and Monsanto have a lot to answer for. Given the cancer risks, and other health concerns, why is rBGH milk still on the market?"

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Since the public is now demanding it, it is not hard at all to now purchase milk at most grocery stores that states on the label that it is hormone free. It is slightly more expensive than the other milk, but even Walmart now carries it & it's not too expensive there.
Since I am lactose intolerant, I have been using either rice milk or the lactose free milk, which is also hormone free (but double check the labels to make sure).

I've heard about the possible link between the growth hormone they give the cows so they produce more milk and to humans being filled with too many hormones. This also pertains to eating beef that is from cows given hormones. I have given up (or almost) beef lately, but my husband and kids still want it so I am only buying beef that is grass fed and hormone free. The reason for wanting beef from cows that have been grass fed vs. corn fed is that corn is a big allergen- one that I recently found out I'm allergic to. Plus, supposedly, the beef from grass fed cows actually tastes better. Think of it- in nature, cows don't go around grazing on corn- they eat grass, so it's probably not good for them to eat all that corn and it's probably reflected in their body, which could affect their meat. That's not scientific, that's just "Lisa 101", but it sure seems to make sense to me! I used to think it was "kooky or hippie" type people that went to specialty stores and bought organic stuff, beef from hormone free, grass fed cows, etc. Not anymore- it is becoming more and more mainstream lately to buy organic fruits and vegetables and people are insisting on their stores carrying those products! Also because the demand is there, many mainstream grocery stores are now also selling milk that is hormone free.
Of course, milk is in our cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc., so it is close to impossible to monitor what kind of milk was used to make those items, but I do think it's wise to control what is within our control & that's definitely fruits, veggies, milk, and beef.

Interesting discussion- thanks Pete!


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We have a subdivision of new homes built recently, people paid premium for lots that backed on to wooded forest.....the property was previously an apple orchard....they used to spray arsenic on the apple trees as a pesticide, now the land and woodlot is full of arsenic!!! Recent tests done on the land is it surpasses safe standards....can you imagine, you pay extra for a beautiful lot backing onto forest and walking trails then find this out!!!

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Hi Gracie,

I hate to ever not agree with you.

I think "we can live with their poisons" and that then they kill us slowly.

Its so slow it hides the real causes. Thats the whole point is n't it.

It takes us so long to show the signs of these poisons.

If we all dropped dead on the spot from them then maybe they would stop using them.

The site with the milk link also has other interesting warnings, some about beef. Now I am lucky I don't have beef anymore so its a non issue, but we all have friends and families.

Our playgrounds are full of arsenic logs that the kids climb and play all over.

What an amazing world we live in, certainly no shortage of challenges before us.



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sorry to hear about the forest that used to be an apple orchard.

I wonder if the agent mentioned it surpasses safe standards, no the sales agent would not mention it. I'd say the comment "it surpasses safe standards" sounds like it comes from the legal defence team.

more challengers and surprises. thanks for adding to the discussion.



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Hi Lisa,

this is the killer blow, the increased IGF is hidden for you US consumers and many around the world. I am so glad its been prohibited here, except for overseas imported milk products. I wonder what safety standards in china where alot of our foods comes from.

I have been advised NO DAIRY by all the naturopaths. To their credit the advice is good I feel. they just have not provided evidence yet. glad I got enough faith to trust their advice and put their recommendations into my life style.

I guess the question is whats the safe level of IGF when we have microscopic little colorectal tumours floating around us ?

My answer is NO MILK.

Sorry if this causes the cows to be unemployed.

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Second Cancers Caused by Cancer Treatment

To stifle food intake, and/or limit what you eat in an effort to
prevent cancer.... while undergoing present conventional treatments
like chemotherapy and radiation, is a great lesson in futility.

Every single present chemotherapy drug, and every form of
radiation treatment, are well known and accepted carcinogenic
of the greatest magnitude.

To have those toxins from treatments pumped into the body,
or to be irradiated to the very core of one's body..... while
thinking that a better diet will save one from a "second cancer",
is truly a quest in vain.

There's much to be read concerning present treatments and
the increased risk of cancer from them; It's a worthwhile read.

I personally feel it'd do a person better, to be aware of all
risks of what they're doing, rather than attempt to "fix" a
situation that's not as bad as what they're overlooking.

(My $.02)

Best of health


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I guess the point I didn't do so good making, is that -anything-
can "cause" cancer. Trying to banish everything that is said
to "possibly" cause cancer, is a mighty big agenda, and one
I doubt anyone can keep to.

There's nothing wrong with trying one's best to be as healthy
as possible.... But to eliminate things that "could be" carcinogenic,
while willingly taking treatments that have been proved to be
carcinogenic, just doesn't make sense to me.

I can remember when cranberries were cancer causing, and coffee
was cancer causing, and red dye, yellow dye, Teflon... EGADs !
And in California, almost -everything- is carcinogenic.

If we avoided everything that we hear might be cancer causing,
we'd have to leave the planet. The fact that it's our immune system
that's not doing it's job correctly and not all the things that are said
to "cause cancer", continues to be ignored.

If our immune system is ignoring a cell that's growing on it's own,
then any cell that's damaged or dying will become a "cancer cell".

And instead of placing the blame where it belongs, they're blaming
anything and everything else. It's almost as if it's a "smoke screen"
to elude a cure.

Oh, but there I go again..... (lol)

Think healthy; be healthy!


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Very Interesting.

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Nana b
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My life is bigger the the sacrifice, but the sacrifice is not bigger then as the doubt, (whether eating healthy is beneficial or not). I believe in helping the body survive any way I can. I have nothing to lose but, but a few calories.

Great topic! I use Almond Milk.

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"You are saying it is our immune system not doing its job? How can
it when the very air we breathe is full of pollution etc."

Cancer has been around since (or prior to) the cave-man days,
so I doubt pollution and man-made toxins are the only cause...

Our immune system can be healthy as all hell, and still not do
it's designed job! If the immune system fails to recognize the
defective cell and allows it to remain in our body to begin living
on it's own (we call that cancer), then how can we feel it's
doing it's job?

That's the real problem Graci, not what "causes cancer", but
why some people's immune system is failing to toss the errant
cell out, while other people's immune system does what it should.

Both my mother and father smoked 3-4 packs of cigarettes per day
since they were in their teens. My mom died of lung cancer, while
my father never had any problem with cancer.

We see people working in toxic environments, never having
a problem with cancer, while the cancer rates remain high for
their co-workers....

More research is needed concerning Immunotherapy, but the
money generated through contributions and taxation, and through
the industry's multi-trillion dollar sales are not spent for study
in Immunotherapy, it's spent on re-marketing the same chemicals
that have been used for years.

The bottom line (as far as I'm concerned), is that the time spent
finding ways to avoid -possibly- cancer-causing products, would
be better spent with keeping away from -known and proven-
carcinogenics, while working harder to support the companies
that are researching Immunotherapy.

In the meantime, keeping one's immune system at it's peak,
can help fight off any cancer related diseases and maladies.

And who knows..... maybe the immune system will rally to
the cause, and go after a few cancer cells here and there...

By the way.... almost all foods are now being irradiated.
Although the level of radiation for any one item isn't any
worse than sunlight, when it's used en-mass, the cumulative
amount can be overwhelming and damaging.

It's saddening to me, to see some individuals take such a strong
stance with supporting the large corporations, putting so much
trust into industries that are only concerned with their "bottom line",
and not with the health and care of it's consumers.

How can any one of us make a change, when so many fight
any change?

Some interesting reading regarding how we got where we are:

Market Justice and US Health Care

How did we get here?

Read more via a Google:

Drugs and politics:

Good health to all!


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