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Well after 12 rounds of Folfox ending last week Wednesday for stage 3C colon cancer again, ending with a bloated abdomen and waiting, waiting, waiting for the results of the CT scan. My ONC walked in with a smile and said you beat cancer again. He said that most people don't finish Folfox at my levels of dose and he was both pleased and amazed. In eight weeks when I get back from Florida another CEA test (last one less than 1) and if good then out comes the port. The downside is my thyroid. Tests showed that the chemo was likely affecting it and until it improves (starts doing its job) I needed to take thyroid medication. Both my ONC and family doctor believe my abdominal swelling is because of the thyroid. It will take about two weeks of the medication to bring my thyroid numbers to where they should be. I'm still sick from the last of my Folfox last week but I don't care!!!!!! As for my cancer friends here you know I wish I was sharing this news with you all and that we are all NED. Your support and information will always be with me. Cancer needs to become so distant a memory that the word is removed from the dictionary for lack of use or recall of what it was. I will be gone about five weeks and my wife won't let me take my lap top of use my Ipad on our trip so I will not be reading or posting for five weeks. I will be back on this site after that! Hugs Lou
ps my real first name is Lon not Lou. My nearly two year old grand daughter couldn't say Lon but does well with Lou. Take Care!

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Congratulations, this is awesome news! make sure you celebrate.

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but look at you now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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happy, happy,happy for you and family!
Celebrate it as better you can, maybe a bottle of French champagne?

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Congrats to you Lou!

I go in tomorrow and I hope I hear as good of news.

Best Always, mike

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You deserve 5 weeks outta here and all to do with cancer.......Have a great break buddy, you durn well deserve it..........buzz

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Woo hoo on the NED. I'm so happy to hear that the thyroid was the problem and not some new cancer thing to have to deal with. You did a great job hanging in there with that damn FOLFOX and you deserve the next few weeks of celebration. Congratulations!!! HUGS

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LOU............ SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO friggin happy to hear this for you!!!! Go take a well deserved 5 week break you warrior you!!!! Take care


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What wonderful news! So very happy for you.

I guess that trip to Florida is to see the new grandbaby.

You will be missed, and will mark the calendar hoping that you are back here to share the happy times of your trip.


Marie who loves kitties

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Hey Lou, way to go. You've reached that magic moment we all long to hear(NED). I'm on my second regimen of Folfox, the first was 4 yrs. ago. I've got 9 more rounds to go but you've given me new hope, Thank you and I pray that your thyroid problem will also be successful. God Bless, Randy

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You have been through so much so I'm so happy for your news of NED. Please go do the naked happy dance, but with closed windows:) You deserve it from where you have come from. Here's to you guy. Glad for you.


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Happy to hear! Go somewhere, or just spend time with the grandkids! Whatever, just be sure to treat yourself.


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May it be your last battle with cancer. Now for all the side effects . Best of luck with the thyroid. From what I have heard at least thyroxin does not have too many side effects,cheers ron.

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Hehe as some have said for all the bitching, the worrying etc look were you are now! So happy for you that you are Ned again, and glad you stuck at everything even though you went through a lot.

Have a great time.


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and congrats.you are brave for finishing all the oxy.you deserve the happy naked dance maybe you can do that while on vacation....Godbless...johnnybegood

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I hope you never have to say the word again my friend.
my last folfox is next tuesday week. I hope i am able to be in yor position

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