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So here is the plan

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Thank you to everyone that gave me support and encouragement after I found out about my reoccurance. I met with my new oncologist and reviewed the Ct scans. It appears that there are possibly 5 tiny nodules in my lungs ( I say possibly because only 3 nodules were confirmed, but there a 2 more spots that showed up on one slide and in order from them to comment/ confirm the nodules it needs to appear on 2 slides). Anyways, since both lungs are involved and there are those possible other two nodules, I am not a surgical canidate, no RFA or nanoknife at this time. I will start 5-Fu and Leucovorin to try and shrink the new growths/ make them dissappear and then be re-evaluted for surgery. I am little disappointed and scared since it came back so soon, but I'm not ready to wave the white flag yet:) I will be away from the board for sometime because I am leaving to Mexico to visit my husbands parents home town and will return April 4. Take care everyone and I'll be back soon :) Melissa

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I'm glad you've got a new onc and a new plan. I never understood why having both lungs involved ruled out surgery. But then again, I'm more of a liver/peritoneum guy and don't know much about lung stuff.

Have a great time in Mexico.

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I am glad a plan is in place! I wish you all the best results. I hope you have a wonderful trip to Mexico. Take good care.

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I did't understand the no surgery thing either but the way my oncologist explained it to me was since those two other have not been confirmed yet, if they went in there and removed what was visible, all other invisible nodules may grow during recovery and they will be very reluctant to go in again. Also, he (my Onc) wants to try to dissolve the visible growths to spare lung tissue if I can do RFA in the future:) It's so nice to hear from you though take care

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I think all is going as best route possible...Melissa, Im not a Dr by any means, but in my lung deal I kind of wish that I had opted for RFA or MFA instead of surgery but thats what I opted for and will not ever look back..in retrospect though I think that the more lung we can spare the better off we will be in the longevity of this journey. They can only take so much but with the wait and see with them being so small the chances of complete erradication (sp) is high. If not then well it could turn out to be natta....I do though think you got you a great Onc in exchange for the other........He is in my opinion making the best possible decisions based on what you have, what you could possibly need at a later date( hopefully not ) and by being so small they could dissappear or if they do indeed start growing then he sees the ones that are the culprits and RFA em outta there with minimal collateral damage to the rest of the lung area....Sounds like He has it going on and you are the benefactor of that ........keep the ole chin up, I think your on a roll.......love to ya, buzz

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You have a most wonderful time. Time to forget about cancer for a week!!!!
I'm forgetting it for at least this weekend. We can't let it have center stage all the time.
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!
Winter Marie

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Hi Melissa,

With involvement in both lungs, it seems that chemo is probably the best approach for now. My initial reaction to reading you'll be doing 5FU and leucovorin was "why just 5FU?" (leucovorin isn't a chemo, it just helps the 5FU to work). I hope that it is strong enough- did you ever discuss w/ your new onc the different chemo options? Just wondering.

I hope that you have a wonderful visit to Mexico in the meantime!
You take care!!


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Can have just rest and get strength !

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