3 months later we are finally burying my mom....

Hello Everyone
I havent posted in a long time.... on the 25th it will be three months since my mom has passed and on the 26th we are finally putting her to rest. The ground was was to frozen and we had the one cemetery that would not bury until the ground was soft. Her name is already on the tombstone and it will be my first time seeing it... IT just makes it so so real to see her name on the tombstone.
I have been in counseling for about a month now and it has helped but just having to find a new routine in who I call for questions or for when im sad or happy. This burial is bringing back all the emotion that i have either thought I dealt with or that i buried for the time being. Being pregnant I am crying over everything and all the time.
Her birthday is also the anniversary of her 4mth passing april 25th and its easter weekend. My family and I are unsure of how to handle the holiday and the weekend so i am just taking it day by day now. This is a long year of firsts without her.


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    Day by Day
    Day by day, sometimes even hour by hour, is the way to go. I can only imagine how hard it is to wait for a burial. Hopefully, this will give you some peace. I know my husband's memorial services helped me. It sounds like you are doing all the right things especially with the counseling. Your mother will live on through you, through the stories your share, the mothering you do. Take care, Fay