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Need your comments!

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I'm doing quite well no effects after 1st round. Tomorrow 2nd round but platelets are starting to worry me.The question is how long do they use to stop chemo in order to recover your platelets , just one week is enough?.
For the moment I'm ok still in the 95.000 but dr. say if after 2nd round still dropping he would have to stop chemo for a while any of you have experience on that matter?.

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My platelets floated around 90 for most of my six months of Folfox. Around # 8 or 9 they dropped a lot, can't remember how much. I skipped a treatment and the platelets shot right back up. I don't know if this means anything to your situation. Don't worry about it.
Take care.

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Thank you so much mate! Wish you a successful trip with the trail. When are you starting with it?

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Usually one week or one cycle (sometimes 2 weeks) is enough to get it back where it needs to be.
I tell you, Pepe, my platelets were dropping a lot from the Gemzar and I had to skip a treatment and then my onc lowered my dose for a few months (maybe what started the CEA going up, actually) I had forgotten about him lowering the dose & so we talked about upping it again & he did a month and a half ago. It was right about the same time I started my naturopathic directed cleanses, better diet, and several herbs.
The last 4 times I've had my blood drawn, my platelets have been completely in the normal range and this is with the re-upped dosage. I saw my onc Monday and he is amazed that all of my bloodwork looks so good. I know there has been debate here on CSN about the value of herbs and supplements/alternative/holistic treatments, but all I know is that my nurses have told me "Wow, you numbers are great- keep doing whatever you're doing!" four times in a row now & I have no other explanation other than the natural stuff I'm doing.

Just a thought for you to consider. Anyhow, hopefully your platelets will recover quickly on their own, but if you have ongoing trouble with that, I'd really consider adding something else natural into the treatment along w/ the chemo. I don't know for sure, but I am still hopeful that they are going to work hard on those cancer cells too! Even though it wasn't yet strongly reflected on my scan, I believe it just needs more time. The one thing that was good on my scan was that it said "many pulmonary nodules demonstrate central lucency". I asked onc about that and he said it means the center of those tumors are clearish and may be breaking up/dying off (also called necrosis). I've never had that mentioned before on a scan report, so I am very hopeful! Just my thoughts!

Take care,

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with you in case I need some complements, hope you will suggest me some of your herbs!
Thanks again my friend!
Take care of you too!

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I'm clocking in at 80,000 and my onc won't even consider postponing chemo. Really 80 is ok to do it seems.

Folfox destroyed my platelets from ever generating high and I ended up with ITP.

Platelet build up is an individual thing - when I was on Folfox it took me months to get my levels back up only to have them halved in treatment, so we gave it up.

With Folfiri my platelets have dropped but not significantly to postpone or stop treatment.

You're in the cool zone right now, no worries.


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not worries at all, ( for the moment) hahaha!
Hope you feel good my friend!

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I had trouble with mine almost each round. The lowest mine got were 40 and it only took me one week to recuperate from that low drop. Once they went down to 92 and it took me 2 days to recuperate. I think that most of the time it's a one week wait. Gald that you are feeling well and handling the chemo!!

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Don't got no advice for you...just a HUG!


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Hi Pepe,

My problem was with WBC rather than platelets. But, my oncologist told me once that a delay of up to three weeks will not affect the efficacy of the treatment. I don't have a reference for that! but he's a pretty 'evidence based' guy.....

Good luck with those platelets....


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My platelets were almost always low due to my first bout with cancer five years ago and radiation to the pelvis back then. I had three treatments when they were around 44,000 but the other nine they usually bounced back into the upper 70,000 to 88,000. I did get delayed a week due to the platelets and low WBC. But that happened only once. The body renews platelets every 4-5 days unless chemo gets in the way. Hope this helps. I get unplugged tomorrow after 12 treatments of folfox. Hopefully NED. Best of luck Lou

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my bloods were good on folfox and the alternative extras I still hope help me.

if you are interested in the alternate universe read "anticancer" , its pretty convincing for me, actually backed up heaps of other research.

maybe the alternatives could help. maybe missing a week is no big deal, its the fact the we should try and quickly boost our bodies health after chemo.

walking and sunshine for vitamin d3 is also great.



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I will inform you!

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Nothing to offer as far as advice, but just want to say I'm praying for you.


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Hi there,

My mum's record showed that it usually goes back up 3 weeks after chemo...

I hope everything goes well and don't worry too much.

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