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Hi all, Just woke up. And back yo sleep real soon. Biopsy today. I don't know what they used but higher then a kite, sleepy and lots nausea. GEEEEZZZ Anyway, Gotta love those pain pills. LOL. My ENT used me as a pin cushion. I don't think he missed a spot. Soooooo, pill time and back to lala land in 10 mins. but I missed you guys and just wanted to say "hi"....So, HI
Silly question but been bugging me. What happened to the "CHAT" rooms. I think I would have liked woodstock...A Lot...Going back to bed before I get into big trouble. LOL
Sweetblood I saw you added more stuff. You are great. Nighty Nite Rose

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Got you in my prayers that all goes well on the Biopsy today, sleep tight and good night


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Rest well my friend! My thought's & prayer's are with you!
God Bless

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Oh my, honeybelle, you seem like you were feeling no pain. Hope you are still feeling no pain today. Hoping for good news on the results.

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Good luck today. Sending lots of prayers!

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