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Son accepted to UCSC

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Okay, another proud mother here. My son was just accepted to the University of California Santa Cruz!!!!! My daughter is a Junior at Wright State University and my son will be a Junior this fall at UCSC (he did his two years at the community college, which he graduates from with his associates degree this June at Cabrillo College, which is where I'm going to school).
Winter Marie

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Is an alumni! Beautiful campus, and a great school for undergraduates!


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Winter Marie,
Congratulations, I am very happy for you. Will be nice for you to have him so close to home as well. Hope you are doing well,
Big hugs,

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This is absolutely wonderful news! You must be so proud!

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My wife and I hung out at UCSC one summer, though we didn't actually attend. We liked it a lot, and I think there is a good prospect that your son will be happy there.


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PROUD MAMMA.... looks good on you Dizz!!!! How is your school going? Congrats!


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tina dasilva
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Yay for you Winter Marie you got to be so happy i know that i'm happy for you keep up with the braging thats your job hugs Tina

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Congrats- that's exciting! How nice to have good things to celebrate and be proud of :)


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for your son.im fighting this beast again so i can see my 17 year old son graduate hs and get into college.i am happy for you and your son...Godbless...johnnybegood

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So now with all the kiddies getting through college/university, does this mean you are all going to be smarty-pants??? :D I think you have a lot to be proud of with those kids of yours... and now you've joined the smarty-pants wagon too! Very impressive!


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Wonderful news! Congratulations proud Mom :)


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It is one of the most beautiful college campuses in the world. Congrats!

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Even thought I do not live in US, I know this is a very good university! Congratulations!!!!

Have a good weekend.

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Hi winter,

this is great news, thanks for sharing.
I hope he finds a course that fills his life with passion.


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Winter Marie,

I'm sure you're very proud, as you should be!!


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