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Chiroprator - just wanted to share

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I went to see a Chiropractor today. I had not been in years. My neck and between my shoulder blades were stiff, nothing serious but thought it would be good to enhance my overall sense of well-being and perhaps it might help my allergies (pollen). It was amazing!! There was physical relief and it has helped my allergies however what was most notable was how much better I felt emotionally. I had been feeling rather poopy lately and 11 yr old daughter has added some stress at home. So I was wondering if I needed an anti-depressant or if there was something not quite right with me or what! Anyhow for now, I feel better for whatever reason. Am hoping this lasts.

Also what was interesting was he adjusted my clavical on the left which is where I had my mastectomy and reconstruction a year ago. He said it seemed like it had been moved (this was before I told him my mastectomy and DIEP flap was on the left). Also he said there was a vertebrae that had rotated and was putting a strain on the cartilage where my ribs meet my sternum and this had been an area of pain for several weeks which the doctors did not know what to do about. Now I have a little relief.

The best thing was he is not into the gadgets, cold laser treatments, ultra sound and other electrical stuff and he is reasonably priced and my insurance covers 24 visits!

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Sounds like you really found something that works to relieve some of your pain without a pill. I will keep this in mind if my wife has trouble with her back.


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I am so glad this worked for you!!! Hooray for relief~ and insurance coverage! Double blessing! :-)

I have never gone to a chiropractor, though Reggie has gone more times than I can count! Just the idea of someone manipulating and readjusting my alignment would make me run screaming out of the room! (I also think, if this guy is so good, how come everyone needs to keep going back? But that's just me~ LOL LOL) I wouldn't hesitate at all to have accupuncture if I somehow needed it physically, but not chiropractic. Makes no sense, for sure, but so it is!

Sounds like it was exactly what you needed~ I am thrilled that you are happy with the outcome. I hope it lasts a long, long time!

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Hi There. I too went to see a chyro last week...and I haven't been back yet due to a bunch of other appt's and march break - having my kids home taking up most of my day...

Anyway, the reason that you have to keep going back is this: When they adjust you, they put you bones back in alignment...but by the time you go home and sleep, it will likely go right back to being out again...so they have to keep putting it back where it should be until your muscles, etc are used to holding it the correct place...then you will go down to seeing them once every couple of weeks, etc...

Anyway, I have seen one off an on for years and have had very good results. The reason for the uplifted feelings could be due to "no pain" that you didn't even realize you were feeling.

Take care all...

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Thanks for the explanation! Logically, I can understand the process..emotionally I am scared to death of it! The thought of a thousand needles doesn't cause me to even blink! I have never done either, and guess I have a high pain threshold, thankfully. I was allergic to both the pain meds and the antibiotics after my lumpectomy (hives) so I stopped taking both and did the drains and healing with nothing. Yeah, it was painful, but my Dr never even suggested anything else, so I didn't ask! In hindsight I wish I had....my oncologist always makes me feel like a wimp, so I don't bring up the subject. The Neulasta almost killed me~ I needed help turning and even lifting my head out of bed, and yet my oncologist said NO ONE feels anything but a "mild discomfort", and didn't have any suggstions for pain relief except that in 5 days I would be fine again! But I survived in spite of his invisible empathy!

I love that so many of you have found relief in trained, loving hands~ a blessing indeed!

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he sounds like a great chiropractor, I have never been to one but you sure made me
curious about it. I am very happy to hear that you got some pain relief. And insurance
is paying that is awesome.

We always forget to treat ourselves.


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I couldn't have made it thru chemo w/o my chiropractor. He saved me from so much pain. I go now about once a month.

Lynn Smith
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Many years ago I went to one.Had been in a car wreck and thought that was what I needed.OMG he jerked my neck to the point I THOUGHT he broke it.I never went back.I felt some kind of relief but my neck was jerked to hard for me.

I'm glad it helped you.Sounds like you feel better.

My neck hurts now and the thing I do is moist heat.I feel the muscles relieved then. I sometimes wonder if my pain is from being on the computer more than usual.I am always looking up something.Animal stuff, radiation tests, cancer, pets up for adoption and a candle board I am on since my husband and I have a soy candle business.

Lynn Smith

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I believe and trust my Chiropractor. He is my brother, and he is AMAZING!!! I get adjustments and even thought I had chemo and radiation and my white cells are still low, I haven't gotten a single cold. Other than dealing with the side effects of the chemo, I have had great health. I believe in it so much, my daughter got her first adjustment when she was 1 day old (is 11 now). She also has great health and is rarely if ever sick. When we go to his office she rushes to be first to get her adjustment :) I realize that I am a little luckier than most though, my Chiropractor make house calls and I can even get an adjustment when they are closed.

Sometimes if you are tense when you get an adjustment it can hurt, so it is important to relax. I used to have trouble trying to relax when he was adjusting my neck, but a trick to try is to let your head drop and let the chiropractor totally support your head with his hands. It makes it not hurt and lets the adjustment be more effective.

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I'm new here AND new to breast cancer. I have a power port for chemo. I also get regular chiropractic adjustments. Should I be concerned about my port?

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