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Scope today

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Hubby had scope today - first since ending chemoreirradition for epiglottic cancer 18 months ago. ENT said he saw two areas of "irregularity" on epiglottis. Suggested scoping again in two months. All PETs - last one in November, came out clean in this area. Has anyone else had areas of "irregularity" that turned out ok?



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D Lewis
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My Stanford doc has not used the word "irregularity" with me. Every time he scopes, he does mention that he sees "changes typical of radiation." I keep meaning to ask him exactly what he is seeing down there, but invariably, I get distracted and forget to ask.

I guess from here on out, nothing is going to look "normal."


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I had one area that showed up on my six month scope! I looked at the screen & sort of freaked.My Dr saw my terror & mentioned not to worry about it. He said that was where they
really blasted me so healing was slow. My last scope he said it was like I never had cancer!
my throat is like new. I know it takes a fair bit of time to heal up after all of the brutal treatment we endure. It just takes time!

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Yes this has been happing to me for the passed 6 years, it shows up on the PET and also when they scope. Doctors for the passed 6 years have been telling me I need to get back on Chemo again; I keep telling them where is the cancer because it is not growing let it alone. The only real way to tell is to have a biopsy; I plan to do this sometime in September.

All the best to you my friend

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It's really hard to say at this point if it's something to be of concern (other than emotionally).

Being you said this is the first scope since ending treatment 18 months ago. That to me is irregular, my ENT and a lot on here scope each of us every 6 - 8 weeks for the first few years post treatment.

But this being the first, it's also the baseline to compare with the future scopes. So in that respect, this scope is a very important one in comparing the ones to follow.

The other good news is that all of the CT's and PET's have been clean.

My ENT and others on here all stress that the radiation leaves much residual damage and effects for several years, hoping that's the case with you also.


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Glenna M
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Wow, can't believe this is his first scope since ending treatment 18 months ago. My ENT scoped me every month for the first year and I'm now having them every two months for the second year. Maybe it's because your husband had PET's and nothing has shown up. That's wonderful news!!!

My ENT told me every month that there appeared to be swelling each month for my first 4 check ups so he did another biopsy to make sure it was nothing. Biopsy came back clean and he said it was probably just the after effects of the radiation but he wanted to make sure. I'm glad he did because I am now able to relax a little more. He still sees some swelling and irreglarities but I know he will request another biopsy if anything is that suspicious looking. He's a great doctor and doesn't let things slide by for too long.

If his PET's are coming back clean then I wouldn't be too concerned about the irregularities. I'm sure his ENT will be keeping a close eye on things in the future.

Stay strong,

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Hi all,

This wasn't actually his first scope - it was the first with his surgeon. He had a scope 3 months after treatment ended with the radiation oncologist. The radiation oncologist said his throat was a mess, but that was to be expected considering he had chemo and radiation twice. He had another scope approximately 9 months after treatment with the ENT at the University of Colorado where he was treated. That Dr. said that his epiglottis was severely deformed and he was worried about his swallowing - however he could not see any cancer. His swallow test came out fine. The University of Colorado ENT said it would probably be best for Pat to see his ENT surgeon from then on because his surgeon is very familiar with what he did to Pat's anatomy during his neck dissection. This was the first scope with the surgeon. I am hoping that when the surgeon said he saw two areas of "irregularity" it is really nothing different than what the other Drs. saw. There is no question that his epiglottis is not normal. The surgeon offered us the chance to biopsy it now or wait a couple of months and do another scope. He asked Pat if he was having any symptoms whatsoever or if he felt that his throat was more swollen than it had been and Pat said no. He then recommended that we just wait a couple of months.

I am always scared, though, and would probably prefer a biopsy now, or would at least prefer to go back to CU and have that ENT look at it. Pat is not worried at all and is perfectly comfortable to wait the couple of months.

Thanks for your input.


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