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Silly question

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When someone says they have been through 2 rounds of chemo, does that refer to two chemo appointments. Like say I had 12 chemo appointments completed is that 12 rounds of chemo, or just one round of chemo since 12 is the entire run of it.

Yes I know a weird question.

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Round as in: full, complete, or entire

12 'doses' is one round.

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I think it gets used both ways, kind of like bi-weekly (once every two weeks or twice a week). The only ways to tell would be context, or asking the poster to clarify.

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I agree that the term is used both ways. I have been on constant chemo with a few breaks here and there for the last 19 months. So if a round is twelve sessions then I'm into my fourth round of chemo. I will have my 37th chemo session next week. So for me a round of chemo is my bi-weekly appt for chemo.

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I have heard it both ways, more often to describe the # of times someone has had chemo. I have had folfiri + avstin 27 times; I usually say I have had 27 rounds of chemo. Not everyone has exactly 12 chemo treatments, or 24 etc. Tis is a good question for an onc; I will ask mine next time I see her.

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If I do 12 treatments, that's 12 rounds to me....afterall, I bellied up to the bar and swallowed them one at a time:)

That's how I keep count....closing in on #49 next week.


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Each treatment is a round for me.
Winter Marie

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Actually, my onc considers two of my treatments as one round. Two appointments completes a full dose. I generally always referred to each treatment as a round, but my onc said no that's not the way it works. Before, I was on a 3 week cycle. I'd get chemo once a week for 2 weeks in a row, then had one week off & my onc considered that 3 week period a "round". So, I don't know- it may be a matter semantics. I think that most people refer to a round as one treatment, though, in spite of what my onc said.

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I would refer to 12 doses of chemo as a cycle, not as a round.

Chemotherapy.com calls it cycles.
"Importance of Dose and Schedule
Your doctor will develop a treatment plan scientifically designed for you, based on your type of cancer, its stage of advancement, and your overall health. It will consist of specific chemotherapy agents, at specific doses and intervals. These are called your scheduled cycles. Generally, treatments are given daily, weekly, or monthly. Your doctor will help you determine the most effective treatment schedule for you."

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For my IP chemo, I had chemo for 2-4 hours 3 days in a row, every other week. I got through 5 "rounds" - 5 times 3 days of infusions. 1 round = 3 days. My totals were based on the number of bi-weekly "rounds".

As I see it, Folfox, 1 round is the 48 hours from hook-up to take down.

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I hope there are no "silly" questions! My husband has recently been diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer of the small intestine. I am so grateful for the information that I have been reading on this site. We are so new to this, I don't have questions, I am still in shock that we are now a member of this "club". I am scared for my husband. Do you all have any suggestions of WHAT I should do to help my husband?

Blessings and prayers for you all.

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