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Panic attacks

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Last week I had my first panic attack,I had three in a matter of days. Most horrible thing I have been through since my kidney cancer. It all started when I had my blood pressure taken at work. They were doing free screenings so I got one. It was 150/90. The person that took the reading over reacted with" omg your blood pressure is 150/90." Well I freaked out!!!! Before my surgery my blood pressure was always excellent 112/70. Even when I had kidney cancer,I had no signs or symptoms. So I panicked big time. Now whenever I feel the least bit anxious I get a tightness in my chest and it all spirals out of control - HE'LL !!! My blood pressure seems worse in the morning the first few hours I'm awake.
I was so physically fit before my cancer.Now I have to go on high blood pressure mess. I don't like medicine of any kind . I never even took aspirin. I have tried so hard to be healthy. I always thought people that ate badly and did not exercise were the ones that should use high blood press med. But the panic attacks are so terrible,I just want to die when it happens.

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Sounds like you could try some alternatives before you go on blood pressure meds. Have you tried a support group? That might be a start, but I really think you need some one on one with a therapist. They would be able to help you learn how to control the panic attacks and help you get to their root causes. As to your diet, maybe a nutritionist can help you review the foods you are typically eating. Perhaps hidden sodium is contributing to the BP problem. For people who had a kidney removed, as I did, the big thing I hear over and over is eat lower sodium and lower protien. Maybe your diet was good before your diagnosis/surgery/treatment but now needs tweaking in the sodium, protien, and perhaps other areas.
If taking meds for high BP really concerns you, I'd talk to my doctor first and consult a nutritionist. Get help for the panic attacks before they worsen. Therapy is nothing to be ashamed of after a cancer diagnosis. I knew I was struggling emotionally and asked for psychological help. Don't struggle alone.
I wish you peace and hope you can resolve both of your issues in a way that feels good to you.
M. Hamby

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I had a panic attack when I was in the hospital last week. I understand what you mean by scary. I really felt like I was going to die. They had to put me on oxygen. I had another one while I was in there but it wasn't as bad. I think I can see the signs of it and just try to calmly settle myself down. Just focusing on slowly breathing helps me.

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I had a small one in the hospital after surgery, but didnt know what it was. I had a full blown one a few months later. it was the scariest thing . Not as scary as the diagnosis/surgery.But now that i know what they are i can handle them. my Dr told me its very common after the trauma we have been through.

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Had my second 3month review with my surgeon. Blood Pressure was 150/101, technician wasn't alarmed. Asked my surgeon, he had another Blood Pressure test, 145/87. His comments were that My high BP may be related to the fact I am seeing him again. SCAN Anxiety? Will be seeing my PC Doctor for advisement. I was more concerned than my surgeon.

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