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Hi guys,
I feel like I need to apologize for something I said in an earlier post(yesterday, I think)....regarding $$$$ made off of cancer, and saying there is no incentive for finding a cancer cure, and also saying we probably won't ever see it happen. It just wasn't right for me to say that, especilly on a group site where we come for support and hope. I'm sorry and I truely hope I didn't bum anyone out or add un-due frustration on any of you.When I posted my comment I had just received a bill from my cancer clinic for my last CVP-R infusion in Dec. Even though I have wonderful health insurance, which pays 90% of my bills, I still gasp at the amount charged for my cancer treatments. My chemo, doctors visit, and lab work totaled around $15,000.00 each time I went in for infusions....every 21 days they charged this amount to my insurance. Then you add in the high costs for the scans, port flushing etc, etc, well...it's just mind blowing the amount of money being paid out, and yet there's still no "cure" for this crap. I also had written 2 checks out earlier last week..$50.00 each, one for breast cancer research and another to help a cancer group that provides hair/wigs for kids with cancer. I'm truely not complaining about giving the money donations, because I've always done that BEFORE I even got cancer. I also give money to the Firemans fund and Police fund, so it's not about giving, for me. Actually,I'm not really complaining about the bills from all of my various health providers I'm dealing with, because hopefully everything I've had done, and will continue to get done will keep me alive for hopefully many more years to come. It's just the fact that soooooo much money is going out for treatments and so little is being given back in the form of "cures". I "DO" hold out hope for a cure and I pray all of the time for all of us to be cured, so please forgive me for sounding so negative in my prior post. Fear makes us think and say things we shouldn't. Anyways...I just wanted to say I'm sorry, and it won't happen again. I will keep my comments positive and hopeful, as they should be.
Love you all bunches...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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There is no reason to apologize for the comment. Its what was on your mind when you posted. To be honest I am sure the same thoughts have gone thru everyones mind at some time or another. It gives us a lot of time to think when we sit here and wonder all the time and all the time and money being spent. This board was designed to get our feelings and thoughts out and thats exactly what you were doing. John(FNHL-1-4A-5/10)

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I agree with John, Sue. Just try to focus on getting better right now, but as he said, lots of people have thoughts like that and worse sometimes I'm sure.

Take good care Sue.



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Hi, Sue,

Even though, I am in remission, I find myself asking if my disease will come back and all sorts of negative thinking comes up from time to time... - we just have to keep watch on this therefore we keep thinking what if - hence, negative thinking. So I am sure everyone understands what you mean by your previous comments. But appreciate your sensitivity to explain what you mean.


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