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Spot to vent about - insensitive people

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I have had it with insensitive people. Bad enough people are living with disablilities and there are always businesses who show no compassion whatsoever and make it even harder for us than what we are faced with daily.

This issue was raised for me today when my landlady decided, seemingly out of the blue, that they were going to stop allowing tenants to have their groceries delivered by the front door of the building where there is a buzzer system. Many days I can't go down to the door to let them in and in fact order my groceries online because of my health and I came home from an appointment to find a letter in my mailbox from management saying that I witnessed 4 HEAVY boxes being delivered. Something about the stone on the steps wasn't made to take heavy weight. IT'S MY FREAKIN GROCERIES, NOT CEMENT. Ridiculous. When I told them the boxes weren't heavy of course they talked over me, they don't like actual points that make sense. I am beginning to think they have some other agenda, it's nuts.

Anywho of course it's expensive to move and I don't want to be stressed by all of that but it is really causing me grief. I am a firm believer in Karma so let it nip them in the um um, well you know. lol. Man I hate to give these turkies almost $900 a rent for this kind of insensitivity.

If the building wants all deliveries in the back then why don't they install a buzzer system back there, too cheap is why. No humanity left when it comes to a buck I guess.

Anyone else want to vent about insensitive people? And yes, there are just as many sensitive people out there, just not anywhere close to where I live today. Sheeesh.
Wish I could drink. Sheeesh, not even that. Man.

Ticked off,


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luz del lago
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It's terrible when some can't or won't see that just a simple act of kindness can make such a tremendous difference! Have you lived there long? Maybe you can contact an agency that "looks out" for tenant's rights. If they rented the place out to you with the original understanding that parcels could be delivered at the front, then they must stick to the agreement.

I pray you get a favorable resolution and soon. Take care.


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Hey Lucy. Thanks or the reply to my little rant there. lol.

I am sure all on this board understand how sometimes our cup overrunneth with stress while struggling with whatever stage in the cancer experience we find ourselves in. I guess I have just been sick too long and now and then when regular life things happen it just is too much. The thing with this problem is that your home should be your sanctuary and this management seems to be have some agenda in bugging me and this was just the last straw. I mind my own business, sick most of the time with this or that, so am in alot so my home is important and this now is all up in the air. I don't know if I could stand the stress of moving.

Yes you are right, they can't change rules in mid stream but they do. There was another incident not long ago where they did the same thing - one day things were just different and I just woke up so I can't remember how that went. Suffice is to say that they aren't going to change and they are certainly not a disabled friendly building for sure so I can't stay long.

We have all bumped into insenstive people on our life journies but somehow when we are weakened by disease/illness it's just harder to cope and seemingly 'well' people just can seem so harsh. The thing that gets me is that this management has seen me being dragged out on stretchers many times and taken to hospital, in a wheelchair when I need it, and using a cane when I have to as well, and still they seem to go out of their way to make things more difficult.

It costs to move and on a disability it's not easy. I am up at 5am with worry about it all so thanks for posting so that I know that there is at least one person who understands as most do on this site. We have all been there with insensitive people at some points, sick of not.

Take care Lucy,


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I myself manage apts and something you might want to point out to the management is there are rules American Disabilities Act, Fair Housing Act they have to make "Reasonable Accomodations for People with Disabilities"
Do you get HUD assistance? I know if you do get assistance from a government program they have to work with you. I'm not sure how it works if it's privately owned property and you don't get any assistance.

But I sure would check into it.

Good Luck
Diane in TX

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Thanks for your kind words of support and input. I live in Canada and I have talked with the Landlord/Tenants Rights area of the gov. to do with accessibility. They sent me out a 12 page form that will take me a month to fill out but I might do it. I think that in the end I really do not want to live here any more but I don't like the idea of being pushed out either because it really feels as if they are harassing me for some reason. I feel very anxious about moveout too because they are famous for coming in with a fine tooth comb to try and get vacating tenants to pay for their upgrades. I think I might call in the police when they are going through my apt. to stand there, if they will, so that as they go through I won't have to take their abuse alone. Just having a friend there is nothing but the prescence of police might do it.

On the forms for complaints they talk about disability issues and you can actually sue them for having to move early due to their idiocy. I think I want to move back to a friendlier part of the country so if I could get them to pay for the move, all the better. I don't know how realistic that is in reality, might have to get a free consult from a good lawyer first to see how these things usually play out.

This management took advantage of the fact that I couldn't see the suites in advance as I couldn't get to this city when I moved back and put me in a suite on an elevator shaft that sounded like a plane going overhead each time the elevator went by. What makes me sick is that I made it clear I was ill and had to rest so I needed a quiet apt and they said it was. Just plain liars. I think the lease itself is null and void because of just that fact. They moved me when I complained when I moved in and heard the noise but they lied again and stuck me in an apt that wasn't renovated just threw a new coat of paint on it. It's really been a nightmare.

Anywho, thanks for commenting on the situation. I appreciate it.

Take care


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