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Help..We are loss!

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Hi my name is Geri. My husband was just diagnos with lung cancer. He has had is upper half of his left lung removed. What we are most concer about is what they have found. How can this be.He has NON SMALL SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA 3.8 CM. G3 POORLY DIFFERNTIATED. Staging pT2a(2), pN1 and BRONCHIOLOALVEOLAR CARCINOMA 0.7 cm stage pT1a, pNO. They also found A CARCINOID TOMORLET 0.1 CM WITH POSITIVE STAINING FOR CGROMOGRANIN AND SYNAPTOPPHSIN NEG. FOR EMA....What does this mean for my husband..Help!

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I'm sorry we haven't answered you before, but I know I'm having a little trouble understanding your post. You said your husband had an upper left lobe removed? And now they are giving you his diagnosis of NSCLC, right? These tumors were found in the lobe that was removed, is that correct?

What that means for your husband is possibly radiation and chemotherapy, unless the doctors felt they removed the entire cancer. In which case they'll probably have him get scans on a fixed schedule. Medical jargon looks scary, doesn't it =)

Talk to his doctor(s), they're really the ones who should be telling you what's next!

Take care, keep us posted,

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