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Toilet paper...ugh

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Ever since my ileostomy takedown, i have not been able to use toilet paper to wipe with. I have to use wipes, or wetted paper towels, and a lot of them before i feel clean. I even have to carry a pack of flusable wipes in my purse. It's getting horribly expensive, and i'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions, or alternative solutions to this.


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I hope u find something to help angel used tucks still have them in the medicine cabinet but they r exspensive too , I hope u feel better soon


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have been recommended by a few people here...spray it on before you go poo. I hear it protects some from feeling any burning sensations during diarrhea. Helps soothe tender spots without rubbing in a cream. Might making wiping less painful too?

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My George's bum is so sore from wiping. I got a tip from someone, use a squirt bottle then blot dry. Also suggested A & D Ointment to soothe the area, our PA suggested Desiten, same thing as A & D, found in the baby aisle. I also got George the Cottenelle flushable wipes and he said they really help. You may want to try baby wipes, you get more for your money but size wize they are smaller. I also got him some tucks.

Take care - Tina

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NuperCanal for the burn works really well and protects from the next movement. I was almost in tears from the burn. NuperCanal seems expensive but a tiny amount goes a long way. One tube lasts me 3 months. Baby wipes and then blot dry with TP.

The other thing I did was got a prescription for Tincture of Opium. It is the worst tasting stuff ever! How ever it slowed the diarrhea down and made it less acidic. I only use as needed. I may need TO for a couple of days at most and then 2 weeks off.

Talk to your Pharmacist. They know the drugs better then the Doctors. They will give you an idea to take back to your doctor. They also know better what reacts with what.

Best Always, mike

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I take opium also. Four drops four times per day. Also Immodium every six hours and Lomotil every six hours starting three hours after my first dose of Immodium. Metamucil or cholestyramine at every meal to round out my routine. You can get the Walgreen's version of Immodium in a 96 pill bottle for much, much less than the name brand.

BTW - opium taken on banana bread makes the stuff at least tolerable. Banana bread can easily absorb the opium, yet is dense enough that it will not soak through.

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None of the witchhazel products like Tucks work for me. Not only do they not provide any real relief from but burn, but actually feel like they make it worse - burns like hell - like putting iodine on a cut.

I do use Huggies sensitives wipes also - Pampers wipes makes my but burn more during the actual wiping.

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I used something like this in the hospital. Not sure if these are the same, but wetted down they worked as well as wipes.

Desitin does help, especially with the discomfort.

Hoping you find relief!

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My daughter has used California Baby spray on her babies' bottoms. It really helps with diaper rash. It also helps when you need a major cleanup. Spray it on, and you should be able to use a soft toilet paper to wipe with.


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The reason i can't use toilet paper is because it doesn't clean the area, and it just makes a mess. I don't feel clean afterwards, even if i wipe and wipe and wipe. I don't have a problem with soreness; probably because i don't use dry toilet paper. I've tried wetting the toilet paper first, but tp doesn't work well after it's wet. It's crazy. Before my diagnosis, i was using enough tp to support the entire industry, and now i'm supporting the wipes industry! I will definitely look into the disposable wash clothes, though those sound expensive. I was using a regular washcloth for a while that i would clean after each use, but i was worried i couldn't get it clean enough to not harbor dangerous bacteria, and make myself even more butt sick.


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Nana b
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Viva makes the softest paper towels and they come in half sheets. My great Nana, swears by them.

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I remember a number of years ago, a doctor on the local talk radio station mentioned that a good way to get rid of bacteria on women underpants, was to stick it in the microwave. I did a super quick search, and found this article by the US National Library of Medicine, which talks about microwaving underware. There are other articles, but this one seemed like a more respectable source then the others (I just did a quick search). Perhaps you could use this method to remove bacteria from washcloths. If you used a covered Pyrex bowl, it would keep it from contacting any surfaces in the microwave itself.

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I don't know if it is feasible for you, but what about a bidet?

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This is not an endorcement but just something I found surfing the net.

C3 Toilet Seats with Bidet Functionality by Kohler

On this one it looks like it would fit on standard toilet. It says it doesn't need any special plumbing just an electrical outlet near the toilet.

I also posted this on Pattie's similar thread.

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I'm glad you posted that, it looks pretty interesting for those of us that can't tear our bathrooms back up, nor have room for a second
Thanks Marie

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Kind of expensive, but so worth it. My wife even gave me five bottles of it for my birthday, it is that good. It comes a 3 fl oz squeeze bottle and 2gm travel packets. Narcotics are the only other thing that does as much for me when I have but burn. Also I use Calmoseptine after. It is like regular Desitin (20% zinc oxide), but with a bit of menthol for the burn - heaven I tell you, heaven, I hear the angels sing!

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just found your thread Krista
I have the same issue- it is as though my stool is too pasty, like glue, can't get it off. Wishing for a clear exit, cause the way it is now, it leaves quite the mess. I was hoping for a change in diet to bulk up the stool a bit? Not a diarrhea issue with me- the stool is not loose.

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