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What's On Your "Bucket List?"

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Never let it be said that Sundance doesn’t occasionally throw some “lighter fare” onto the grill to satisfy our appetites. I thought this topic would still be thought provoking and provide some entertainment for us.

And it should be a good thread and give us a good barometer on what we feel is important for us and what we wish to accomplish, with the time we have been provided here.

So, what’s on your “BUCKET LIST?”

It’s a GIVEN that we all want to be healthy and free of cancer, for either ourselves or our loved ones, so this one does not count:) Let’s take your Top 5 “Wishes & Dreams.”

Without further delay, I’ll start this thing off:

Sundance Top 5

1. Write my book. (due to start in May or June 2011 when treatment wraps up)
2. Have my book published and available…initial date looks like the “12th of Never.” LOL!
3. Sing in public venue again…the Comeback Tour:)
4. Travel some before it’s too late. (gonna' take a little more time)
5. Meet as many of you as I can (those that are willing)

Ok, it’s your turn now – inquiring minds want to know:)


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that is, except the bucket

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as i do my laps swimming i am often dreaming i am chasing dolphins.

then i hit the wall and turn around and do another lap.

dive with whales antartic
dive with schooling hammerheads costa rica and galapagos islands
dive liveaboard lombok
dive off tuna fishing boats in tasmania while the orcas attack the schools
dive with great whites in the great australian bite.
win bbc wild life photographer of the year
write my book and rejoin the mile high club

i hope we all get our list. very cool topic.

i don't share these plans with my wife or medical team as they would say whats the point of all this survival effort if after we beat his cancer he gets eaten, drowned or lost.


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1. Travel, Asia or Italy
2. Move to Hawaii
3. Spend one full month with my father
4. Drive a fast car on a real race track
5. Ride in a hot air balloon

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to not kick it for a while...
1- see kids graduate college
2- see kids have their own kids AFTER college so I can watch the "payback"
3- play some gigs (maybe open for Craig!)
4- see more of the USA
5- get out on a camping/kayaking trip with the kids
6- get out and hoist a few with the boys

*I'd say to see peace and harmony on this site but I want to pass away some day!

it's more of the little things...

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Overall, I have to say I am very pleased being where I am, doing the things I love to do... and being able to do them and enjoy as much as I have been since I was DX'd :) But, if I have to make a list of things that I'd like to see/do that I haven't been able to do...

1. travel (wherever, whenever, just pack a bag and off I go on an adventure)
2. produce an original musical that is written/directed/choreographed/musical directed by some of my talented friends, as well as acted by me hand-picking my talented acting friends :) It would definitely be a work of love!
3. learn to sing properly
4. work on my photography skills
5. work with a miniature schnauzer rescue group

(Pete... love your bucket list! How wonderful would all those things be?? And if a whale mistook you for a tuna... well, it would certainly be a once in a lifetime experience) :)


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Joined: Nov 2010

hey cheryl,
we share a love for photography.
have a peak at my site www.petertrayhurn.com
Unbelievable lights, lines and reflections of clouds, boats, planes and buses on this very still night
this is the view from our home.
i was a whale before cancer, never again will i be confused as a whale.
i am off to a 4 weekly 3hour naturopathy lectures whose focus fasting... and diet.
the naturopath greg alexander has been described as extreme and passionate. should be interesting and thought provoking....
starts tonight.

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I've been looking at a guided horsepacking trip in Alaska into the Wrangell/St Elias with old style Morgans who've adapted to living in that part of AK and Canada. Always wanted to travel there as we would pass the range on our way driving from Wyoming to Alaska to work in Prince William Sound and the Talkeetnas and the Brooks Range. Be great to have someone else do the horse wrangling and cookin' and just take pictures astride a good horse and kick back over dinner and lazily swat mosquitoes.


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Win the lottery .... that way I can set things up nicely to take care of my kids when I'm gone.

Unfortunately this cancer has stolen that from them as I've had to use it all fighting this thing and I'd just like to be able to give it back to them. It sort of feels like I've stolen it but, in reality the cancer stole it all.

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Posts: 3908
Joined: Nov 2010


until then you are a great consolation prize for the kids.
i am sure you know what the kids really treasure, it ain't money honey, its you.


ps but i agree a lottery win would be awesome! but i'd swap it for seeing 100 candles on my cake and yours.

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1. return overseas to teaching and living
2. walk the alps once again
3. see my kids on their own
4. retire to Florida

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I'm living it now...lol!

With my 2 times in the lymph system cancers, and my beau's extremely bad heart, we are living the things we want to do now...for later, when we are in wheelchairs side by side, saying "Hey, remember when I froze in fear at the top of the Duomo in Florence, and you just kept taking pics because you thought I was kidding?"....

I also make sure to love the people around me, and tell them so.

As I think about it, the only thing I really still need to do is go thru my stuff stored in my mom's garage and get rid of anything I don't want or need, to make it easier on my daughter when I'm gone...lol...

Hey, I love you guys!!!! (WHEW! I needed to say that!)

BIG dutch hugs, Kathi

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Joined: Apr 2010

1. Watch my two children graduate from college
2. Graduate from college myself
3. Graduate from law school and pass the Bar
4. Learn Italian
5. Spend a lot of time in Italy with occasional trips to Spain, Germany and England

Apparently I'm going to have to survive this cancer for a long time. I've set myself up for that quite well I think by having all my long term goals. LOL.
Winter Marie

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1. get the lottery ,not for me but for the others!.
2.Make happy to my wife and relatives.
3.come back to Rio de Janeiro once more.
4.Come back to Africa once more.
5.Come back to Mexico once more.
6.Come back to NY, once more ,my wife adores it.
7. buy a house somewhere in the Caribbean and live in winter there!
8.Get my stocks a bit higher,.LOL.
9.peace&love all over the world!
10. see the conservative party wining next elections here!( bloody socialists).
may I ask one more? see Spain winning again world cup in 2014!

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1.......Spend more "quality" time with my children
2.......Spend more "quality" time with my children
3.......Spend more "quality" time with my children
4.......Spend more "quality" time with my children
5.......Spend more "quality" time with my children

and in that order.........

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You know you always have a bed here in The Netherlands, as long as I am still breathing!

Dutch hugs, Kathi

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Well holland is much easier than the other wishes but of course we are going to have a coffee one of this days somewhere in Amsterdam!

KathiM's picture
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Joined: Aug 2005

Well, every 3 months for three months, anyway....ROFL!

Dutch knuffels, Kathi

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My bucket list is sort of short and is much like Buzzards:
1) I want to spend a fun vacation with my kids and grand kids at Disney World
2) Alaskan cruise with my family
3) More fun time with my family
4) time

We are a family that loves Disneyland and haven't yet experience the Florida Experience!

Thanks for starting this thread Craig! Jean

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Hey Craig! Our bucket lists are similar, except the book i've written is fiction, and nearly finished. I've wanted to be a novelist since i was four years old, and could never concentrate enough, or get my mind organized enough to finish a whole book. Now i am only a chapter away from finishing the first draft, and will publish it sometime this year. I've started work on the next one already because i couldn't resist. It will be a compilation of short stories, and much easier to write than a novel.

The next thing on my list is to go to Sandusky Ohio, where Cedar Point amusement park is, and ride some of the best rollercoasters in the world.

I also want to meet all my CSN friends, soon!

Next, on to Alexandria...i know, i dream BIG. lol

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Because when I do I feel sad that I may have less time and money for adventures than I had expected before cancer arrived. So, my wants/needs list is much shorter than it would have been otherwise.

Create good memories for my family.
Appreciate everything more fully.
Be more patient.
Be less grumpy.

For myself, I'd like to finish the many projects I have in progress. Time to do some additional paintings would be great and perhaps have a gallery show sometime. Really big wish would be to travel to Italy for an extended visit.

Thanks for the fun thoughts...I'm gonna use my chemo time to visit museums online.

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See the pyramids along the Nile.
See the market place in Old Algiers.


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....and some very interesting reads.

Anyone else?

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1. I want to Travel!!!.....to Germany to see my Granddaughters, oldest Son, and Daughter-in-law; to California to see my middle Son; to Utah to see my best Friend; to Arizona to see my Brother (taking my youngest Son and Boyfriend with me of course).
2. Marry Boyfriend and have a simple celebration (maybe outside) with family and friends.
3. Play music again, something familiar (I used to play the flute) or learn a different instrument.
4. Have my Granddaughters visit me and Boyfriend and stay at least a week, so we can get up in the morning together...have breakfast with Grandmom and PopPop, play, take walks, go to the zoo, get ice cream, read books...
5. Learn how to fix or put together at least one thing in the house (my Boyfriend knows how to do everything...me - nada!)

Makes you think 'what should I start working on first?' 'Cause nothing's going to happen unless you make it happen.
Love to all of us and here's to "Making it Happen."

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Here we go...

1)Visit Paris
2)Perform as a rock star and just KILL it!
3)See all my grandchildren grown and married
4)Take Bill to Ireland
5)See an Atlanta Braves game in person.


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Nana b
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Set my Mom, aunt and great grandma up in a beach house with a maid, nurse and cook. No worries!!!

Live in peace, walk the beach, forest, my back yard; listen to music, write, and just enjoy my family.

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in no particular order:
1. Hike Hadrian's wall in England/Scotland - hopefully ending up on the Scottish side at a distillery.
2. Go surfing with Dick (Kathleen808's husband) and President Obama (Michelle's husband.)
3. Saw and split next year's fire wood with Kerry S.
4. See the Grand Canyon
5. Visit my brother in LA, drive up the PCH to San Francisco, and see the giant redwoods.
6. One last pastrami sandwich at Katz's Deli

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We're well known for our giant redwoods, come on over, free place to stay, but I warn you, I don't juice, and dinner is red meat normally (despite my son's protests). And LA is just a mere 5 to 6 hours from here.
Winter Marie

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so you could stay with me, too!!!

Dutch knuffels, Kathi

(BTW, Winter, I will be there in a heartbeat....LOVE Santa Cruz!!!)

herdizziness's picture
Posts: 3642
Joined: Apr 2010

Is open and available!!!

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You can stay with me when you drive to SF! I'm about 40 minutes south and would love to show you around.


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This is an excellent question + I have been mulling it around for days now. I am having a realy hard time answering it; I am having a tough time right now focusing on long-term goals. I am waiting for the results from my CT scan + my CEA has continued to rise, so I am pretty sure my tumours are growing. If so, I will be moved to erbitux + irinotecan. My mind of course is going to all the "what ifs". I am sorry, I don't mean to be a downer on such a wonderful thread.

Here is a list of some things I want to do:

1) See my youngest daughter graduate from high school (June/11) + get settled in university.
2) See my youngest daughter graduate from university.
3) See my oldest daughter graduate from her Masters program (fall/11) + get settled into her PhD program.
4) See my oldest daughter graduate from her PhD program 9~ 2016).
5) Celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary (July 26/11) with my husband in style.

I hope everyone keeps dreaming big!

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In this order regarding my kids:
1) See my kids all become strong believers in Christ- one is, one's almost there, and one's still struggling with her beliefs
2) See my kids all graduate from high school & become independent
3) See my kids graduate from college or move into what they want to do for a career
4) See my kids get married
5) See grandkids

1) Have a positive impact on others around me for the Lord
2) Leave a memory of kindness and of advocacy- knowing that I did my best to be kind to others, be an advocate for taking control of your own cancer treatment
3) I'd even like to be in the position of being a speaker at various churches- to motivate and encourage others to hang onto their faith in Christ & be an encouragement to others that God is always there for us- even in the midst of hard times and/or illness.

1) Go on a cruise of the Carribean/Bahamas
2) Go on an Alaskan cruise or trip
3) Visit Europe

I know there's more- just can't think of it at the moment, but there's still lots and lots I want to do on this earth- not ready to leave it yet!!!


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Ok, Lisa... WHEN you do that cruise to Alaska, you MUST arrange to catch a ship leaving from Vancouver (we have a kajillion Alaska cruises leaving from Vancouver). I know you can catch some leaving from Seattle as well, but you make a note that you want to catch one from Vancouver. That way, you would arrive in Vancouver at least the day before you set sail (or maybe even make a point of coming out say two days before you set sail). If you do that, I will personally be you and your hubby's personal Suzy Tour Guide and take you around Vancouver... and we can go out for a lovely dinner the night before you sail :)

Cheryl :)

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I already got my biggest wish -- to see my two kids graduate from high school ('launched' as adults). They were 10 and 12 when I was diagnosed. So from now on, everything and anything is an added bonus.

1. Dance at my kids' weddings
2. Bounce their babies on my knee
3. visit New Zealand
4. do some long hikes (can't now because of Xeloda feet)


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Kenny H.
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I just want to 1)get rid of this CANCER bug and 2) get back to work.
Will make me happy to be normal again, the rest could come later.

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Top of my list:

Harley ride to Vegas with my son on his 21st. He will celebrate on April 27th! I hope things come together. We will rent Harley's in Phoenix and ride to Vegas.


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