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Loss for words

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First write that on your calendars. I'm never at a loss for something to say, even if it's wildly sarcastic and inappropriate. But if I got a laugh it was worth it.

I know a few people have been following me (stalkers! yaaaay!) and anyone who has knows two things: 1)I share everything no holds barred and 2)I'm very sarcastic by nature.

So now I've come to a crossroads and I'm not sure what to do.

There is so much going on that I want to share because darn it I keep getting material. But at the same time, I want to be respectful of those that may think I've crossed an invisible line. Not everyone would think that what I have to share at this point would be of any help or use, or not be depressing, or be too painful.

So I guess I am asking permission from everyone here, because all of you have been so wonderful and thoughtful and there, if I can post what's on my mind and heart. If everyone feels that it's not okay, I understand. But you know me. I'm not depressing, and the silver lining is always in there somewhere. I start Optimists Anonymous this week so no worries. I'm also a smart arse.

But I wanted to ask first. I'm getting waaaay too much material right now. My my my my my.

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post away!

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to not read if we can't take it. There have been a few days that I skipped some posts (went back and read them later) because I knew I wasn't up to it. And other days that someone posted something that resonated so well that I thought I had a phantom twin out there - if they'd held back, I'd have missed that feeling of connection. (Being a caregiver can be a very, very lonely job sometimes.)

Write away!

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April - You have always shot from the hip, said what is on your mind and kept things real. I for one LOVE that about you!! Those who don't, well maybe they should not read your posts......just sayin'

My brother posted a pic on his FB page, it was a poster of such. It said "If something I post offeneds you, please let me know. I will then delete you from my friend list!!!"

Hugs and love babe!! Be good to yourslef, and always BE YOURSELF!!!!

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I certainly thought that's what discussion boards were all about... Here here, I say. If not the Caregiver side at least the Emotional side... Go for it. Be good to yourself April.

lovingwife to Bob, stage 4 melanoma

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luz del lago
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Somethings in life can be "sugar coated", and somethings can't. I came here for others experience, for information and have always been grateful for postings that, although hard to imagine in my life, gave me a foundation.

My love's sense of humor and views were very open, honest and yes sarcastic! In fact, he had a t-shirt that read, " Sarcasm, it's my job".

So I for one, am accustomed to it, and rather enjoy.

When you wish to post, post away!


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Please share with us what you have experienced and learned. I am amazed at how you got through what you did with Patrick. I am ready to cry each day just taking care of my father who according to the doctors is doing great. Your posts made me feel like it is okay to find a silver lining in the worst of things. Please continue to share all of your thoughts and feelings with us.

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There's probably nothing you can say or feel that hasn't been said or felt by at least some of us. We're a diverse group and always appreciate your posts.

Let's have it.


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Tina Blondek
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Hey April
Thanks for your post. It was very nice and considerate of you to do so. Please keep posting, I look forward to hearing from you daily. Your sense of humor helps all of us to laugh and smile! Looking forward to seeing more and more of you!
Tina in Va

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the my my my my my intrigues me, so please do post!!

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April I see the heart and soul in all your post. I read your thoughts and am amazed by your spirit. I know you use humor and sarcatic views , very close to my heart. I think you just say it like it is ! I admire you for that. I always look forward to hearing things you have to say, you are wise behond your years.
I will read every last word and smile as tears run down my cheek. And try hard to hold on to my debbie cakes .
Love you friend

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Just don't post it in Gaelic ;-) I am fluent in Swahili though! ;-) (HeartofSoul there is your answer if you are lurking)

Seriously sorta- cast your mind back- did you not think at one time you followed posts so you could learn?

I love minority movies with subtitles about obscure subjects- heck I am the only person I know that watched *Into Great Silence* without a bathroom break ;-) Hit us girl- you will likely start the stampede!


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You should post what's on your mind and heart. This is the one place where we should all be able to do that. There is no invisible line --well, maybe for some people there is, but not as a rule of thumb :) I know for myself that you and others have gone through something that I expect to be facing in the hopefully distant-but probably not too distant-future, and I would sure like to know ahead of time what to prepare for.


mr steve
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I think you have cabin fever with all the snow and snowcones you have up there.


Your in our thoughts and prayers.


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Of course you can talk to us and post everything that's on your mind. We have been and always will be here for you to talk to. Are you kidding about "optimists anonymous"??? Hope you are doing okay since Patrick died. Remember, you don't always have to be funny, but you can cry too. We've all been there. It's going to be a year on March 25th, since I lost Tom, which I can't believe. Still wish I could just have his arms around me.
I've been having some really strange dreams lately. I actually wake up sweating & scared! But I have had some good ones about Tom. I actually thought I felt him laying next to me the other night. Am I weird or what?
Anyhow you post what's on your mind & in your heart anytime!!! Take care April.
Friends, Carole

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Post away April.

I too love your sense of humor. If it were not for humor, I don't think Mike and I could have made it through this journey, and I know it would be infinitely more difficult to go down this new path of healing. I say go for it and let the laughter commence! Thanks.

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